Best Raspberry Pi Cameos In Films and TV Shows

Raspberry Pi. A gadget that has made technology available to every child, tech curious individual and engineering aspirants. It is a great gadget to learn basic computing with. Its diversity is that it can be manipulated into creating wondrous innovations and projects. Using basic and advanced programming languages alike, this gadget is a must for all tech geeks. But, unfortunately, very few know of this device and the fact that there is a marked presence of the same in mainstream TV shows and movies. Let’s read on to know its notable presences.

We start with the most notable cameos and end the list with a bang!

  •  Mr Robot

The one show that  has managed to turn on its head the way the world sees programmers and computer programming, Mr Robot is a must watch for all. With 3 mentions in 3 seperate episodes, Raspberry Pi has managed to make its presence felt in the most apt manner with this show. Showcasing the multiple usability of this device, be sure to keep your eyes open for future shoutouts on our beloved Raspberry Pi on Mr Robot, our beloved show.

  • Big Hero 6

Hiro Hamada, the child genius child a Raspberry Pi device to enter in an illegal back alley robot fight to win a few bucks on the side. As the movie moves on following the journey of Hiro, post Tadashi’s untimely death, one is sure that he used Raspberry Pi again to create the huge number of microbots. After all, his first microbot, helped him win over the undisputed robot fighting machine! There is a blink and miss sighting of the Raspberry Pi device on Hiro’s table. The screen of the same has been attached above.

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  •  Black Mirror

This show has managed to change our perspective about technology and the pivotal role it plays and will play in our everyday life. The Raspberry Pi was spotted in this revolutionary show. In the episode ‘Metalhead’, the device was used for carjacking purposes. As the concept of smart cars and electrical systems increases, a simple USB interface that the Pi provides is going to be very crucial. This application doesn’t seem too far from a possible future use.

  •  Lost In Space

What an amazing shout out for us Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who caught a glimpse of our beloved device on one of the most popular sci-fi show of all times. Lost in Space, featured the Pi and its usage out in space. What greater validation can one possibly ask for?

  • Revolution

Imagine the world ending! All technology failing and from the ashes we discover that the only type of computing power lives in the humble Raspberry Pi! That’s exactly what happens in the iconic show Revolution. While all techs fail it is this small, palm sized device that saves the day! Do watch the show to catch a glimpse of our beloved device!

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Now, at the end of this blog, we present you with the bang! A YouTube Link that has managed to capture all the different instances where the Raspberry Pi was spotted in TV Shows and Movies. Happy Viewing and Happy Computing!

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