15 Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android and iOS

“Nicotine is a fast-acting drug with short-lived effects, which you can assume by the fact that you need to smoke often.” – Gudjon Bergmann

Tobacco kills one person every five seconds. In countries like United States, 37.8 million people smoke cigarettes. Again, as per reports by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of death due to preventable disease. With types of diseases caused due to smoking such as lung cancer and many other ailments, smoking should be taken as a serious issue and it needs to be stopped. Smoking cessation apps can help give up cigarettes.

“If knowing about the dangers of smoking were enough, almost no one would smoke.” – Gudjon Bergmann

As many of us might know that cigarettes include a highly addictive chemical called nicotine. It makes quitting smoking a very challenging task. A person trying to stop smoking will feel anxious and irritable. However, the advantages of being a non-smoker are abundant.  Hence, if you wish to quit smoking, here are few best quit smoking apps that can actually help you give up smoking.

Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android and iOS

These are 15 best quit smoker apps every smoker who wishes to give up smoking should download on their device. Read on to know more about them.

1. LiveStrong Quit Coach

This app is one of the best stop smoking apps that helps in developing a personalized plan that would help in quitting your daily intake. You can even track daily consumption and nicotine cravings after which you can prepare goals and set reminders to keep a check on your daily progress. The app also gives you achievement badges for the progress made which you can share on various social media platforms if you want to. You can also take a view at the videos from the experts who would motivate you to quit this habit in excess and help you overcome it.

Download here For iphone

2. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

This smoking cessation app helps in connecting you with other people who are on the same page as you and want to quit smoking.  You just need to open the app when you have craving and instead switch on to play a game or connect with other people who want to quit. The app also boosts your morale as it shows the amount of money that you are saving and how you are helping yourself by not smoking. The app rewards you with badges that show your progress when it comes to your daily goals and how you are reacting towards them.

Download Here for Android.

3. Craving to Quit

This is one of the best quit smoking apps that is inspired from the 21-day program initiative taken by the researchers at Yale University to help the smokers quit this habit. One gets a four-day trial with the app after which it costs around $25 per month. The users who download this give up smoking app can access the videos, cigarette consumption tracker along with check-in reminders and get an in-app coaching if they wish for an added support.

Download Here for Android

4. Quit Now

Quit Now helps to connect with the like-minded people who themselves are in the process of quitting smoking and takes you on a journey together. You can also track down the money that you are saving on cigarettes and the health benefits that you are achieving on a daily basis. You can access this app in 44 languages along with the broad support that you get from others who are willing to quit smoking just like you do.

Download here for Android

5. Smoke-Free

This one of the popular quit smoker apps comes with a lot of features that help you in kicking out the habit of smoking. With this, you can track the amount of money that you are saving by not spending on the cigarettes, jot down your everyday cravings and how need to control them, know about the changes that you need to make in your everyday plan and get an insight into the progress that you are making on an everyday basis. The app also gives the missions that would motivate and inspire you to improve your daily intake. The idea of introducing the missions came to team when they tried to experiment it as a controlled trial with the help of the app after which it became successful and helped the people to achieve their set targets.

Download here for Android.

Download here for iOs

6. Quit it Lite

This is counted among the best stop smoking apps and acts as your assistant during the entire phase when you are involved in quitting smoking. With this software, you get a detailed statistic about the money that you have saved during the entire process and the progress that you are making in terms of your health and daily habits. The app also provides you with achievements where you can see the number of cigarettes that you have skipped over the past says and makes you challenge your friend in doing the same. It comes with a goals tab and helps you to trace the amount of money that you saved and lets you enter your daily objectives and work on them gradually. Download here for iOS.

7. iSmoke

There are many ways in which you can quit the habit of smoking but at times there are people who might start facing emotional trouble while doing so. The simplest of all the methods is to give up on tobacco and reduce the daily dose subsequently. On the other hand, if one has an absurdity syndrome then it might take quite a long time to quit smoking and that might even involve a lot of discipline and patience in doing so. iSmoke is one such app which aids you in overpassing this habit and has introduced graphics that allow you to smoke virtual cigarettes that would not harm your health and breath into the speaker of your phone. The sound and animation that they have used is realistic and you would not even come to know the difference. The cigarette burns like an original piece and you can even drop the ash by tapping on the screen. With this app, the developers have tried to play with the psychology of the smoker so that they can adopt the right measures for their betterment.

Download Here for iOS.

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8. My Last Cigarette

This app fully convinces you to discard the habit of smoking by letting you fill the date of rejection of cigarettes and track the daily changes related to your health- be it improvements in blood circulation levels and functioning of the lungs, nicotine, the level of carbon monoxide in your blood, and even the increase in your life expectancy, and much more. One also gets to take a glimpse at the statistics related to the deaths that might have happened due to excess smoking with the data being updated frequently just in front of you. You can also get to view the medical facts related to the harmful effects of smoking which shows you the bigger picture of how it can affect you. The app is available for free and can be downloaded over the smartphone. Click here to download one of the best quit smoker apps(only for iOS).

9. Smokebeat

This app collects the data related to the number of smoked cigarettes with the help of wearable devices and helps the user to figure out how many cigarettes they have smoked on a particular day along with the people who are connected with them and helps them in quitting the habit with the help of authentic statistics that would help you in determining your long and short term goals.  This application works only if you have smartwatches on the Android wear as the program synchronizes the data with your smartphone.

Download here for Android

Downlaod here for iOS

10. Subliminal lifestyle

For those who do not want to do much with the habit of smoking and just want to quit the same, this app does wonders for you. This app works on the principle of 25 frames which motivate you on a daily basis. You can set the frequency of the messages on the phone screen according to your preference and make your brain do what is right and master on the principles that would eventually help you in quitting smoking. Apart from working on the habit of smoking, you can also work on losing weight or giving up on your goals.

Download here for Android

Download here for iOS

11. Kwit

Kwit comes with gaming techniques that enable you to abandon the habit of smoking on work on something better. It comes with several mini-games that allow you to track your progress in discarding this bad habit of yours and involve yourself into something better that would help you achieve your goals related to quitting smoking. It also comes with several motivation cards, power tab, and quick dashboard that remind you of your achievements time and again and help you to work for your better health. Basically, you would stay in discipline when you are on this app and track your activities accordingly. You also get to take a view at the Power tab that shows you a graph of the levels that would help in finalizing the amount of workout that you should so do in order to improve your health.

Download Here for Android

Download Here For iOS

12. Stop Smoking in 2 hours

This app is introduced by a famous life coach Jason Vale who has come up with techniques that would help in quitting smoking and make you start a fresh and healthy lifestyle. This app involves a daily audio and video series that you can spend watching every two hours on a daily basis and take notes on what you can do make your habits better. The videos draw inspiration from the life of Jason Vale who himself was a chain smoker some time ago but quit with discipline and practice. The app has lessons that motivate you to take up the exercises for at least 21 days and follow up the habit to maintain your freedom and daily objectives that would keep you on track. The videos that are provided with this app will encourage you to change your smoking habits drastically and avoid taking up the cigarette. There are no advertisements or donations that would be asked from you through this app.

Download Here for iOS

13. Quit Smoking Slowly

Quit smoking slowly is ideal for those who need daily motivation to get over this habit and improve themselves for better. It encourages you to be consistent in your efforts and change your daily habits slowly and gradually so that you can improvise bit by bit. It comes with the timer that makes you realize the amount of time you are spending on smoking a cigarette and then another. Within every six hours you would get a motivational advice that would help you to work on your habit for better results.

Download Here for Android

14. Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is a well-known coach who has helped many people in overcoming the habit of smoking along with other sorts of addictions. The application provides exclusive changes in the habits and helps you to relax during stressful situations when you are resorting towards taking up cigarettes.

Downlaod here for iOS

15. Just Quit Smoking Hyperactive

This stop smoking app is designed in a manner that it would impact the human psychology and logic to reach the desired goal of living a life without smoking. During the start of the application, enter the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis and the amount that you spend on a packet. Along with this, you also need to enter the date on which you want to start abandoning the cigarettes.  The entire program is designed in a manner that it would help you in refraining yourself from consuming cigarettes and achieve your desired goal of a better health and lifestyle that would increase your life expectancy.

Download here

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We know how troublesome it can be to quit smoking. However, these best quit smoking apps can certainly become a helping hand at tough times. Use them and share your experience in the comments section below. We would love to hear.

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