Best Packaged Data Integration Tools

The last blog on Data Integration Tools listed Open Source Data Integration Tools. As I mentioned in the first blog on Data Integration, the tools are divided in 3 groups. This blog will give you the list of the tools in the third group.

Data Integration is a process in which data is extracted, amalgamated and presented as a unified form. Data integration primarily supports the analytical processing of large data sets by aligning, combining  and presenting each data set from organizational departments and external remote sources to fulfill integrator objectives.

Data Integration is a term covering several distinct sub-areas such as:

  1. Data Warehousing
  2. Data Migration
  3. Enterprise application / Information Integration
  4. Master Data Management

Let’s have a look at the list of Packaged Data Integration Tools:

1.  Actian Data Connect –

actian data control

Actian Data Connect is one of the best packaged data integration tools, an ultimate solution to deliver seamless, fast and easy integrations. Accept integration it supports many other functionalities also, like drop and drag UI designs, supports different data formats conversion, enables the design process for data warehouse and has service oriented architecture platform. Actian acquired Pervasive Software. Pervasive Data Integrator includes both locally and cloud based visual designers as well as Link-Style Mapper, Lifecycle Management, SOA Platform, Cloud-to-Cloud computing interchangeable and reusable Metadata.

Its features are as below:

  1. Improve Productivity
  2. Connect to Any Data Source
  3. Process More Data with faster speed.

2. IBM’s Data Integration –


The IBM’s Data Integration tool is called as InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration. It helps you transform data in any style and deliver it to any system, ensuring faster time to value. The tool provide solutions to enable you to understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data, as well as to collaborate to bridge the gap between business and IT. It also provides a rich set of information integration and governance capabilities to enable big data integration with the traditional enterprise data to gain critical business insights.

InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration helps you:

  1. Helpful for non-technical users to access data anytime and anywhere.
  2. Can integrate data across multiple sources and targets, and satisfy complex requirements using a scalable runtime environment.
  3. Easy-to-use graphical interface help you transform information across your enterprise and deliver it in faster time.

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3. Information Builders iWay Integration Suite

information builder iway

Information Builders Data Integration Tool, called as iWay Integration suite is a part of an extensive BI and analytics platform. It is a unified toolset that ensures rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders with unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data.

iWay accelerates the deployment and reduces the risk of all types of data integration projects- including extract, transform, and load (ETL); enterprise information integration initiatives and web services.

Some of the functionalities are as below:

  1. Enables a Robust Integration Architecture
  2. Provides Maximum Flexibility and interoperability
  3. Improvement in the environment for data integration and quality management.

4. Oracle Data Integration –


Data integration by oracle is delivered as the part of the broad range of products by oracle. It has the comprehensive data integration platform which provides uninterrupted and pervasive access to data across heterogeneous systems in real time or near real-time.

Its comprehensive capabilities include real-time and bulk data movement, transformation, bi-directional replication, metadata management, data services, and data quality for customer and product domains.

The range of products provides the below functionality

  1. Bulk Data Integration and Transformation
  2. Real-Time Data integration and replication
  3. Data Quality and Governance

5. Pentaho Data Integration –


This is among the best packaged data integration tool. Pentaho Data integration comes packaged in Pentaho BI suite of products which blends and prepares data to create a complete picture of your business that drives actionable insights. End users are benefitted as the platform gives accurate and analytics-ready data from any source.

It requires zero coding as it has rich and intuitive toolset that accelerates the design and deployment of big data analytics up to 15 times than the traditional hand coded techniques.

It gives you the ease of use with the power to integrate all data with the help of intuitive drag and drop data integration coupled with data agnostic connectivity snapping from flat files and RDBMS to Hadoop and beyond.

Some basic tasks that it can help you accomplish are:

  1. Simplified creation of data pipelines through graphical design.
  2. Agile views for modelling and visualizing data on the fly during the data preparation process.
  3. Toolset of pre-built components to access, prepare and blend data from relational sources, big data stores, enterprise applications, and more.

6. Qlik View Expressor –


Qlik View Expressor is a metadata management “the Qlik View way” – a disruptive approach to data management by supporting an easy data migration flow across different sources. It is simple prescriptive design for ease of usage. It has a unique feature to build metadata on the go, or as per the customer needs, enabling efficient data migration. It consistently capture and manage metadata as you build analytic apps, rather than be locked into a semantic layer up front.

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7. SAS Data Integration Studio –


The last best-packaged data integration tool of my list. It provides a powerful visual design tool for building, implementing and managing data integration processes regardless of data sources, applications, or platforms.

It enables the users to quickly build and edit data integration, to automatically capture and manage standardized metadata from any source, and to easily display, visualize, and understand enterprise metadata and your data integration process.

Integration is about doing it the right way, right now for virtually any situation or customer requirement. With this we come to the end of the list of the 3rd group of data integration tools. Hope it was helpful for you all.


  • comment_avtar
    Olivia Cote
    Awesome list! But I think Windsor is a better option for data integration tools because with you can onboard data from any source, build segments and act on them in realtime. It is quick and simple to join and integrate it with other information and use the data together in any other application, marketing platform or visualization tool.

    6 years ago

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