Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System

Security cameras, facial recognition devices and sirens, all these were seen at either banks or some high-profile office or building in the past. Although, with technological advancement and accessibility to such device, it is quite common. You can find one installed in homes or small shops.

Home security camera system have become one of the best way to keep your home safe. You can take care of your home without being actually there. Some of the security camera comes with Alarm, which goes off when any suspicious activity going on. There are variety of products available in the market, but which outdoor security camera could put out for best use. We will help you in making the decision.

How To Choose best outdoor wireless security camera system?

While looking for a wireless security camera system, you need to keep three things in mind:

  • How powerful is the camera?
  • Specs and Features of Camera
  • Benefits and control that you get

Everyone has a different purpose to install a security camera, some need it to get the sense of security, some of us wants to keep an eye on kids. Furthermore, you need to check for device support. With right kind of camera, you can check or scrutinize via web browser, app or your smartphone.

Apart from resolution, field of view matters too. The camera can see somewhere between 100 to 180 degrees as per their lens’ field of view. If you want to cover a large area with the camera, you need camera with wide field of view. Some of the camera can be tilted and panned manually which is quite handy.

Best Outdoor Security Camera System

If you want to install a camera in your rooms or office place, you have a lot of options. However, choosing one for outdoor such as porch or driveway can be tricky. You need a security camera which is waterproof, can work while it snows, rains and survives extreme weather conditions. We will help you to choose the best outdoor wireless security camera system. Read on!

1. Logitech Circle 2 Security Camera

Logitech Circle 2 is weather proof, comes in wired or 100% wireless along with 1080 HD home security camera. Let’s take a look at the features of the Logitech Circle 2 Security Camera:

  • The security camera has motion detector with night vision.
  • It has up to 180-degree field of view that covers pretty good area.
  • It is easy to use or monitor the camera via smartphone or web browser, you can stream, or download countless 1080p HD video.

Cirlce 2 is one of the best outdoor security camera as it is easy to store the footage on your secure, private cloud. You can control your Circle 2 with your Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant and check the live feeds on your smartphone. Circle 2 app is available on both Android or iOS.

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2. Reolink Argus Security Camera

The company claims, Reolink Argus Security Camera as “World’s First Wire-Free Battery-Powered 1080p Weatherproof Smart Camera”. Let’s check out the features of Reolink Argus Security Camera:

  • You can place the camera anywhere you want, whether outdoor or indoor. You can change the position of the camera easily.
  • It comes with advanced power-saving technology, so you don’t have to change battery frequently. It has approx. 180 days standby.
  • It has very sensitive sensor which can detect human movements efficiently therefore, you get no false alarms.
  • It comes with two-way audio, which means you can listen and reply via inbuilt mic and speaker.

Reolink Argus Security Camera is one of the best outdoor wireless security camera system which gives you instant push notifications, sends you emails or other alerts if senses danger. The camera is capable to work in all weather conditions, indoors or outdoors. It comes with 33 ft night vision which lets you see in dark.

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3. Lynx Solar Outdoor Camera System

Lynx Solar Outdoor Camera is a smart home security which takes its power by sun. The camera system is weather proof, so whether it is raining or sun shining, your camera will provide you sense of security. Let’s take a look at the features of Lynx Solar Outdoor Camera:

  • The camera is powered by Sun. One sunny day can power the camera for 7 days approx.
  • If you are out of power, the camera stores the recording for three days, so once power is back on, the data can be uploaded to cloud.
  • It has intelligent facial recognition and crystal-clear HD live streaming. You can choose who your camera identifies by using Tend Secure app.
  • You can create backup and review videos with free cloud storage. It comes with every purchase and it enables you to check what happened in last 7 days.

The Tend Secure app lets you access to your cloud storage and works with iOS & Android devices. The camera work on both solar & AC power. You can communicate through your mobile device. It has night vision mode, which lets you see in complete darkness.

4. NETATMO Presence Security Camera

NETATMO Presence Security Camera is a outdoor security camera which comes with an ability to detect not only people but also animal and car in real time. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Let’s look at the features of NETATMO Presence Security Camera:

  • It gives ultra-precise alerts which keeps you informed about what exactly is happening outside. You can also use live stream to check in real time.
  • It can withstand rain, moisture, snow, dirt, dust and sun, and work perfectly due to innovative thin-film coating solution.
  • You can choose to store your videos on Dropbox account automatically or a personal FTP server.
  • You can get notifications according to your preferences. So, customize according to your needs.

NETATMO Presence Security Camera comes with Alert-Zones feature which lets you to choose certain areas for alerts so that you can get alerted as soon as there is any activity. With the app, you can live stream the footage on any device at any time. It comes with integration with Apple Homekit, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.

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5. Ring Floodlight Security Camera

One of the best outdoor wireless security camera system, Ring Floodlight Security Camera is device which when installed provides you sense of security with its motion-activated security camera, a 110-decibel siren alarm and more. Let’s check out the features of Ring Floodlight Security Camera:

  • It comes with two inbuilt ultra-bright LED floodlights, two-way audio, makes it possible to communicate with person at your place from anywhere.
  • It provides you with Crystal-clear 1080p HD video. You can also view live videos.
  • Ring Floodlight Security Camera comes with 270-degree field of view, which can detect motion around corners and check blind spots.
  • Camera has dual sensors with object and person detection. You can also customize motion zones as per your preferences.

Ring Floodlight is a security camera which is easy to setup and has advanced controls. You can control the camera with the app, you can sound the alarm, flash the lights and zoom-in to focus on important areas.

6. Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera is an outdoor security camera is safe and secure option when it comes with surveillance of your property. Let’s take a look at the features of Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera:

  • You can see what is going on with 1080p HD in detail. So you can keep a watchful eye on who is entering your property.
  • The camera system can be used with or without wire. It works fine with rechargeable battery or plugged to power. When plugged to power, you can access features such as Activity Zones, 24/7 Continuous Video Recording and more.
  • With IP65-rating, Arlo Pro 2 is weather resistant, so it can be installed anywhere and in any weather condition.
  • It comes with motion and sound detection. As it detects any kind of activity, you get instant notifications on your email or smartphone.

With Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera, you can listen and talk via camera on your smartphone. With Night Vision, you can see in low light or dark. It also offers free cloud storage to store 7 days motion and sound stimulated recordings for free. You can connect USB drive to base station ad get the stored footage.

7. Blink XT Security Camera

Whether you want a camera for indoor surveillance or outdoor supervision, be it night or day, Blink XT Security is the best option for wire-free security camera. Let’s take a look at the features of the Blink XT Security Camera:

  • It comes with 720p HD security camera system which makes sure you get a clear view with less blurring or distortion.
  • You can get notification with a link to the video attached, you can decide how to react on it.
  • The camera system comes with motion activated camera, whenever any motion is detected, a short video clip is recorded.
  • Blink’s Instant On feature makes it possible to start the recording of a video within seconds. In this way you will get to see what triggered the alert.

Blink XT Security Camera also has an inbuilt temperature sensor which you can check at every camera location any time you want. This outdoor security camera enables you to schedule activate or deactivate the system. If you have Amazon Alexa, then you can use voice control to arm or disarm the camera system.

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8. Canary Flex HD Security Camera

Canary Flex HD Security Camera is one of the best outdoor wireless security camera which can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. It can work wirelessly or when plugged in. Let’s take a look at the features of Canary Flex HD Security Camera:

  • It comes with powerful HD camera with night vision, 1080p image sensor and motion detector.
  • The camera system is weather resistant, so whether it rains or shines, the camera will work for you.
  • Canary Flex HD Security Camera can work without wire for a long time due to inbuilt 6700 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  • The camera records clearly and has a field of view of 116° wide-angle lens.

With Canary Flex HD Security Camera, you can indulge in two-way communication with anyone at your home. The camera comes with AI-powered person detection, so whenever a person is detected, you get a notification on your smartphone.

9. YI Outdoor Security Camera

YI Outdoor Camera is your weather resistant security guard which gives you sense of security whether its day or night. Let’s take a look at the features of YI Outdoor Security Camera:

  • The security camera comes with Deterrent Alarm and enhanced night vision. It is dustproof and waterproof.
  • It records all the footage in 1080p/20fps resolution makes the video quality crystal clear.
  • It comes with H.264 encoding, the powerful dynamic range processing & automatic white balance technology, makes you feel safer.
  • It has 12 850nm infrared night vision which supports automatic color switch filter in low light.

YI Outdoor Security Camera enables you customize your settings as per your preferences via app. The speakers immediately warn you with a sound to inform you about uninformed guests. It also has customized area alarm, motion detection alarm, custom time period alerts and more.

10. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor is an outdoor wireless camera system which is weather resistant and send you alerts 24*7. Let’s look at the features of Nest Cam Outdoor camera system:

  • It sends you notifications whenever intruder enters your property.
  • The security camera is weather resistant and plugs into power, so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries.
  • The security camera records video up to 30 days in cloud.
  • As and when Nest Cam detects motion or loud sound, it alerts you with a photo and could save photos in the app for next three hours.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera comes with inbuilt speaker and mic, so that you can scare off or attend delivery person from inside. In case you missed notification, you can check activity from the Nest app for past three hours.  It has an all-glass lens, so you get 1080p HD image quality, no matter whether it is day or night.

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Wrapping up

Which One To Choose: Outdoor Security Camera System

Outdoor wireless security camera system is a smart investment to keep your house secure and under surveillance, when you are not home. A security camera which could work whether it is raining, or sun is shining too bright, whether it is day or night, you can always keep a eye what’s happening outside your house. It gives you a sense of security and keeps everything under surveillance. Therefore, you need an outdoor camera with good image quality, simple and easy to use. Meanwhile you also have to think about the one which is easy on the pocket.

So, checkout the list of the best outdoor wireless security camera system and choose the best of all for you.

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