Best Money Management Apps To Save You Money In The Year 2021

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Day to day expenses have been increasing at an unimaginable pace and everyone faces financial challenges at some point of time in their lives. Though sometimes the challenges are small enough to overcome easily on the contrary, at times these are extremely stressful.

It doesn’t matter how much you save and how wisely you save your hard-earned money, one thing this is for sure that we all can save a bit more.

Best Money Management Apps to Save You Money in the Year 2021

This article is entirely dedicated to some of the best money management apps that can save you more money and do not let you go out of the budget. Continue reading the article to know the best budget planner apps in the market

1. Mint

best money management app

Having a hard time managing your expenses and unsure of your financial stability? Mint is the perfect solution to all your problems.

A nifty and useful application by TurboTax, Mint is the one-stop solution to manage all your money and easily track all the expenses and financial stability.

With this amazing application installed on your system or mobile, you can easily have a look at all your bank accounts, bills, credit cards statements and other financial investments and that too all at one place.

With all your information saved at a single place, Mint makes it easy for the user to track all the expenses and savings.

Compatible with Desktop, Android, and iPhone.

Price: Free for signup.

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2. RetailMeNot

best money management app

Who wants to pay the full price for the things they purchase, I personally look for promotions and discounts and then only decide to buy anything.

While looking for offers is easy at times, they can be too tedious otherwise. A solution is to look for apps that can do the work for you. One such amazing app that can skip the frustration is RetailMeNot.

RetailMeNot gives you the best of offers and promotional discounts available both online and in physical stores. So before spending money mindlessly, install this app and spend your money wisely.

Available as an application for desktops and mobiles.

Can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play Store and for users with an email id.

Price: Free for signup.

3. Ibotta

best money management app

Prices nowadays have increased exponentially and owing to this, the price of day-to-day groceries are no exception. Buying them makes a big hole in your pocket.

You should thank your luck that there are applications available that can give you a sigh of relief. Yes, there are cashback apps that prove to be a good option while looking for budget planner apps. One such app that needs a mention is Ibotta, this application allows you to scan your store grocery bills and claim the exciting cashback offers.

As per the application, every time you make a financial transaction at a grocery store, just scan the bill and earn cashback for the weeks spends.

Available as an application for desktops and mobiles.

Can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play Store and for users with an email id.

Price: Free for signup.

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4. Digit

best money management app

Who doesn’t like to go on vacation, but this too is true that not everyone can afford vacations. Well with these expense tracker apps, it is now possible to enjoy vacations yet keeping your expenses in control.

Digit, an amazing app is a great option to keep managing your expenses when on vacations. After you have installed the application, users have to share what they want to save for and Digit will then help you in managing your budget.

Available as an application for desktops and mobiles.

Can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play Store and for users with an email id.

Price: Free for signup.

5. Bittiq

best money management app

Everyone can sit down for days and think of ways to save money, but that is not practically true. No one can devote their precious time doing all such things. But hey, that doesn’t just end here, there are ample of budget planner apps available that can easily do the task for you.

Another nifty looking but amazingly useful app in our list of best money management apps is Bittiq. As per its founder, Federico Spiezia, “The right financial decisions take time, and our customers struggle to find the right balance between time to manage personal finances and time for the things that matter to them.”

As per him, spending weekends sitting on your computers making excel sheets of your expenses is not at all a good idea when on the other hand you can invest that time with your family. Bittiq, provides useful suggestion to users about how they can manage their expenses as well as suggest money-saving tips.

Available as a Mobile App on Google Play Store and App Store.

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Every one of us faces monetary challenges, but there are apps that can help you manage your expenses. This article includes some of the best money management apps that you can install to keep your expenses in the budget. With minimal effort, these budget planner apps make a good friend that help you save money.

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