Best Money Management Apps For iOS That Are Fun To Use

Saving money and investing it in proper place is the key to a successful lifestyle. It can be really hard to save money, just like it is hard to earn money in the first place.

The key to save money is making good decisions and investments by the money you saved. And also, tracking money and putting control on expenses is what all we can do for it.

So, in this article, we will be talking about some of the best money management apps for iOS that will help you save and manage money according to your expenditures and also these apps are fun to use.

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1. Honeyfi: Couples Finances

Honeyfi-Couples Finances
Source: honeyfi

With this free app, it becomes very easy to manage money for all the couples. Honeyfi is a free app that makes it easy to manage money as a couple.

As this app helps couples sync their individual and household accounts automatically. You just have to enter all your details regarding you bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and other personal expenses. For the safety and security of your personal information Honeyfi uses band level security. And also, this data of yours isn’t saved anywhere within the app to make sure that it doesn’t get exploited by hackers.

Honeyfi has several features like where it will give you financial insights based on the spending’s and also suggests household budget, which can be directly shared to your partner through the app. It becomes easy to keep your savings organized and categorized with the help of Honeyfi. This app was recently featured in the Entrepreneur’s top money management apps.

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2. Twine: Save Money & Invest

Twine- Save Money & Invest
Source: twine

This app is somewhat similar to Honeyfi. It is also an app that is built for couples to manage their money and for cost cutting as well.

With the simple and streamlined interface, it has dashboard that works similar to many tools and sheets. All you have to do is create an account and profile, and set your goals and expenses. Now, with this you can keep a track on your expenses and can also change the goal set for the expenses. It also uses bank level security to keep your data and money safe and secure.

Twine is a trusted, reliable, secure and one of the best money management app for couples.

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3. WinWin Saving: Money made fun

WinWin Saving- Money made fun

This app is also a play and win game app that lets you play on your savings and help you win thousands of cash prizes and other winnings. All you have to do is play a daily game. To win the prizes, you have to link your bank account and set up an option of auto-save of minimum amount of $5 per month. In this the more your savings are, the bigger you can play for, and in reward you get cash winnings. Like if you have saved $100 then you can play and win up to $100 easily. These cash winnings are later saved in your WinWin savings account. This money can be taken out at any point of time. For the first two months, WinWin is free. And, after two months it has a monthly subscription of $2.

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4. Qapital – Saving & Checking

Qapital - Saving & Checking
Source: Qapital

It is a banking and one of the top money management app that helps you in managing your expenses. With this app one can save up to $1400 annually.

Here you can open a free saving account for which you will get a Qapital Visa ® Debit Card issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC. So, all you have to do is directly deposit your salary, and set your weekly expense target. Once you reach the target you will be reminded by the app. You will also get interest on your account as well. It provides 256-bit encryption for security and provide FDIC- insurance of up to $250,000. Users can access their money whenever the wish to.

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So, this was it! This is the list of some of the best money management apps that are fun to use. So, without a further ado, download and install these apps and start saving while having fun.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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