Best Makeup Ideas And Tutorials For Halloween 2022! (Joker Special)

Getting ready for the party on Halloween? Deciding the character makeover and scaring your friends out of their wits can be thrilling. But those vampire or zombie costumes alone cannot make you look like real ghosts, you surely need to put makeup on your skin to complete the look, keeping in mind to use skin-friendly products.

Halloween face paints and scary makeup adds an essence to the festival as well has become an essential part of the scary night. And that’s why we have got you here the best Halloween makeup ideas along with the tutorials which can alone make you look best and scariest from the rest. If you do not want to go for a gothic look, we have also some ideas that tell you how to do simple Halloween makeup. So, are you ready to make them shiver?

Let us tell you some famous styles through Halloween makeup tutorials so even till next year, people just want to dress up the way you did.

What Are The Latest Halloween Makeup Ideas Without Prosthetics?

1. Joker (Heath & Joaquin)

2. White Walker (Game Of Thrones)

3. Pennywise (It)

4. Zombies

5. Vampires

6. The Mummy

7. The Nun

1. JOKER – The Halloween Makeup That Never Fails

Joker might not be the scariest of all and neither was a ghost but the recent movie release has broken all the records and indeed is going to rock this year’s Halloween as well. Remembering the legacy and box office performance, here is the perfect Halloween makeup tutorial for you.

And yes, we have kept in the list both legends, Joaquin as well as Heath Ledger, choose whichever you want to choose.

Additional Tip: Ladies, if you want to join your partner or spouse as Joker’s Harley Quinn, we have something for you. This simple and easy Halloween makeup would make you stand out in the crowd.

2. WHITE WALKER (From The House Of Game Of Thrones)

Doing this makeup is one hell of a task, we agree. But if you start doing it a little early, you would be able to finish it before the party begins 🙂 It would be cool to don this horrifying look and relive “The Thrones” once again since the White Walkers were killed by Arya Stark. So, its time!

Don’t you want to try a look that gives you Khaleesi and White Walker at the same time? How cool it would be, right? Kat Sketch came up with this beautiful and fresh Halloween idea through Halloween makeup tutorial for the year. Try it out and surprise everyone around with your efforts.


Alright, a little challenging from the art side, Pennywise can scare your friends off easily and indeed, they can’t even recognize you that easy. Though you need to buy a few extra things like the bald wig, hairs, etc. apart from the makeup kit. Pennywise is near to perfect for any Halloween. So get ready with the help of Prince De Guzman.


Search an easy Zombie makeup and we have got you covered! No need to put so much of extra time and effort and yet get the specialized look that can never go wrong and old. Yes, we are talking about a crazy zombie look who is ready to eat your brains and ooze the blood out.

Do some easy and cute zombie makeup using the video below.

Well, still if you want to add something that can never be replaced and not easily copied by anyone else, you need to check this masterpiece,


If you want to keep things stylish and classy, we believe that a vampire look is the most demanding within many people. Whether you are becoming Bella, Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen, vampire looks never fall in the pit.

We won’t let you fall short of options here! Yes, check this out.


Remember those mummified bodies from the Egyptian times? Of course, they come back every year on Halloween to scare our pants off. This is indeed one of the best Halloween makeup ideas for any year you consider, Mummy only gets deadlier! Check out how this Halloween makeup tutorial to bring awesomeness to the whole party.

We found another awesome piece for you to become Mummy which is also one of the easiest Halloween makeup.

7. THE NUN (Silent Killer)

Honestly, she has scared us off during the night show after its release in 2018. And now you can become that scary woman very easily. Are you ready? And in fact, everyone will be most scared with such a look without a doubt. Try this crazy but simple Halloween makeup idea on 31st October.

See what Claire Dim has got saved for us?

“I Curse You!”

There is something different with this Halloween! Of course, a party with friends, loads of creative drinks, holiday and most important the scary look. With our list of Halloween makeup tutorials for a few famous movie characters, you can scare your friends and celebrate the return of Samhain.

Choose any of the looks or if you decided to stay back home, you can enjoy Halloween by watching scary Netflix movies and celebrate the spooky day.

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