Best iOS Apps Worth Giving A Try

Often when people get a new smartphone the first thing they do is to load most common apps, without even considering their utility. Most of the apps are downloaded because they are popular in the social circle and not because we use them often. But, don’t you think we should pay consideration towards practicality, utility and helpfulness of the app? Smartphones are made to make us smarter and if you are using an iPhone and iPad then using it as a regular phone just for social media apps, doesn’t sound great.

If you have your smartphone loaded with the right apps, there is no need for any assistant. Your smartphone is a one-man army. You just need to load it with apps that will help you in increasing your daily task productivity and efficiency.

There are number of apps hidden on the App Store that would make day to day tasks much easier for you. The apps mentioned here are our favorite picks and you can install them in your new iPhone, iPad or even on your old phone that needs a little tweaking. This list consists of both free and paid apps. You can choose the app as per your requirement.

1. Deliveries: A Package Tracker (Paid)


It is the best iOS all in one tracking app that keeps track of all packages, with support for many services like UPS, USPS, FedEx and more. By simply entering the tracking number you can know when the package is arriving at your doorstep. Not only this, the app can even sync the information on your email via iCloud and lets you know about your incoming deliveries. This app keeps track of all orders whether it be a gadget or a book you can check the arrival time via this app. Furthermore, you can view quick timeline summary of incoming and delivered packages. Also, you can have the app on your Apple watch.  A widget that will make tracking you packages easy. No need to call the delivery agent or go the online portal of various services, when you have Deliveries app on your phone.

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2. Clarity Money (Free)

clarity money

Clarity is a free app that works like your personal finance manager. Using the app, you can save money, make smarter decision with your money, plan your budget, track spending and expenses and much more all at one place. Using the app is very easy, just link your bank and card accounts and let the app analyze your spending behavior to identify the opportunities to save money. Not only this, the app also makes you aware about the subscriptions you are not using and helps you create a budget to track expenses. Plus, you can set saving goals and set up a standing instruction for the app to take a certain amount from your bank and put in for savings.

3. 1Blocker (Free)


The app that works better than any other ad blocker is a must to have app for Safari users. 1Blocker takes benefit of iOS ad blocker features and there’s no “acceptable ads” feature in the app. The app comes with 50,000 built in blocker rules that help to block ads, trackers, make browsing 2X faster, a and also offers whitelisting option for your favorite sites. Plus, you can sync all the settings over iCloud.

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4. Reigns: Her Majesty (Paid)


A game app that has already won the hearts of millions. This time you’ re the queen who’s trying to beat group of people planning against the crown. Every left and right swipe will make you face different problems, you need to maintain and balance the powers of the kingdom until you lose the game. Player must reach specific goals before each new monarch’s rule.

5. Gorogoa (Paid)


A well-designed, stylish puzzle game that tells a story by using hand drawn scene. To solve the puzzle player needs to combine and arrange the extravagantly demonstrated panels. It’s not just a game it’s work of art. Once you start playing it you can’t stop yourself from solving more and more puzzles. It will keep you occupied and will make you think strategically.

6. Lake (Free)


A Free coloring book that helps users to relax after a stressful day at work or home. It works great for both kids and adults. The app has free illustrations that user can color each day painter can unlock new illustrations and color them with the available coloring tools like watercolor brush, spray and others.

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7. Enlight (Paid)


Transform your usual photo into a professional one using Enlight the best iPad and iPhone app. It includes tone controls, filters and other editing tools.  Plus, photo correction tools let you fix under or overexposed photos and photo mixing feature lets your overlay different images for double exposure effect.

8. Moleskin Timepage (Paid)

Moleskin timepage

The most spontaneous and wonderful calendar app you may have ever used and seen. Let’s get organized in a powerful way with a fully adjustable week calendar to show between five and ten days. A scheduler that lets you know when you are busy and free, personalized calendar and more.

9. RunGo


Health is very important and taking it for granted is not a good practice. We all know this but due to our busy schedule we forget. But with RunGo the best running app for iPhone and iPad exploring new routes to jog is easy. It gives turn by turn voice navigation and tracks your run state like time, pace, splits, distance and elevation.

10. Signal (Free)


WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app but do you know there is another app like it that is ahead of WhatsApp. Signal is a free, all in one messaging and voice calling solution. It brought end to end encryption much earlier than WhatsApp. You can send messages, make voice calls, send media attachment without struggling with the PIN codes. A simple to use app that is much secure and takes user safety at priority.

11. Cloak VPN (Free)

cloak VPN

Do you use public Wi-Fi even after knowing it is unsafe? If yes, Cloak is the perfect app for you to stay protected from cyber-attacks. It is the best iPhone and iPad app that protects you while you browse an unsecure and untrusted site. The app is for free but its service plan starts from $2.99 monthly.

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Hope you will give these apps a try. They will surely make things easier for you. There are many apps available but these are the apps that I think will make your iPhone or iPad worth its money. You can select from the other available apps. The thing is why not give try to other apps rather than using the ones that you already use. Start being different it makes no sense being same as others.

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