5 Tips to Make the Most of your GoPro Action Cam

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show!

How much do you agree with us on this? Well, life is too short to sit calm, as there’s so much to explore and experience. Taking a break from our hectic monotonous routine once in a while is really important. Whether you’re heading out for a vacation with your family or taking a solo trip to get a raw taste of adventure, we all love to capture our beautiful moments, right? Well, if you’re an adrenaline junkie who craves for an adventure more than anything in life, GoPro can be your ideal travel companion. In this post, we will be covering some of the best GoPro tips and tricks that can enhance your photography experience like never before.

Remember those days when we used to carry those bulky DSLRs with us? Thanks to technology and innovation (Phew), for launching portable teeny-light cameras like GoPro that we can carry on the go. And yes, not to forget, they are waterproof too! So now, whether you are thousands of miles in the sky or skydiving deep within the ocean, GoPro is all you need to get that perfect shot!

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Here are a few GoPro tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most from this action camera and to make your adventure experience more memorable.

Always Use a Mount

Always Use a Mount
Image Source: Walimex

Using a mount will not only allow you to click pictures from different perspectives but will also keep your GoPro device safe. Also, a mount can be a great idea when you’re capturing a video, say for a hike or bicycle tour off the mountains. You can use a mount and attach your GoPro cam to enjoy your adventure in hands-free mode. A wide range of mounts are available online, so order the one which you think will prove out best for your purpose.

It’s All About the Perspective

Its All About the Perspective
Image Source: Click Like This

If you’re a solo traveler or a big-shot travel influencer with hundreds of followers on social media, we all want to click pictures in the best possible angle, right? As the GoPro cam is super portable and light-weighted, it gives you plenty of options to try something new, to capture the scene from a different perspective. Try recording in different camera positions and see which one looks more appealing. This is one of the best GoPro tips and tricks that you can try without spending a lot on buying accessories and gadgets.

Use Tripod for Static Shots

Use Tripod for Static Shots
Image Source: Apple

It’s not always that we use GoPro cam for capturing videos, right? GoPro is ideal for clicking static shots too and for that you should definitely use a tripod to stabilize the image. Tripods use electronic image stabilization technology to minimize blurriness and allow you to capture perfect stationery shots. So, it’s always a great idea to gear up and collect a few third-party accessories before you head out for your new adventure.

Add Filters and Music

Add Filters and Music
Image Source: Polar Pro

Adding an extra touch of perfection, whether it’s about adding image or video filters or to add a soundtrack in the background will always make your GoPro moments much more appealing. You can use any image or video editing application, select a pre-made filter which makes your existing image better and then upload it to social media so that your friends and followers will be awestruck in woo.

Adjust the Frame Rate

Adjust the Frame Rate
Image Source: YouTube

Depending on what content you’re shooting from your GoPro action camera, make sure that you adjust the frame rate beforehand. For example, you can use a higher frame rate if you’re shooting outdoors in sunny conditions, or if you’re capturing a slow-motion video of shooting in low light conditions then drop the frame rate to around 30 fps. Also, if you’re shooting a story-driven content then an ideal frame rate is 24fps that will allow you to capture the video in a cinematic feel.


There were a few GoPro tips and tricks that you might take in use to get the best from your adventures. If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, then having a GoPro cam as your travel companion is a must. Always try and tell a story when you’re recording moments on your GoPro cam. It will make your moments much more memorable and also make your followers happy on social media platforms.

So, are you all set to go for your next adventure trip?

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