7 Best Gboard Tips and Tricks to Help You Type Smarter

Ever simple thing, be it mail, news or a simply a keyboard, becomes so much more the moment we prefix these with the term “Google”. Yes, that’s right! This 6-letter word caters almost all our entire worldly needs. Whether we have to search for anything on the web we run to Google, when it’s about sending an email, we trust no other app over Gmail or be it anything. Google is like our one-stop destination where we like to run the moment, we need anything.

Talking of Google apps, Gboard is Google’s official keyboard which can enhance your typing experience like never before. So, for those of you who’re already using this amazing service and those who are willing to use it in near future, we have rounded up some of the best Gboard tips and tricks that will allow you to type effortlessly on your Smartphone.

Let’s dive in and explore and some of the best Gboard features to improve your overall typing experience on a smartphone.

1. Easy Translation

Easy Translation
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One of the biggest advantages of using Gboard is that you get in-built Google Translate within the keyboard. Yeah, you heard that right. Google Translate literally lives inside Gboard and you can access it anytime you like to translate any phase.

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2. Punctuations

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adding punctuations is a must while typing, isn’t it? And especially when you’re sending a formal invitation or drafting a work-related email for your client, you just can’t send it without inserting the right punctuation symbols. For your ease, Gboard allows quick access of punctuations so that you can use them on the go without wasting any time. You simply have to hold down the period key, and then you can get access to all commonly used punctuation symbols in one shot.

3. Smart Search

Smart Search
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Must be wondering what the Google icon is doing on your Gboard, right? Well, it can prove out to be super useful in a lot of situations. Suppose, you’re texting a friend and making dinner plans for the weekend, you can get the review of the restaurant right on that screen or even check the menu and see what all the restaurant offers. You can use this Google icon in multiple ways for planning and research. It will really save you some steps—guaranteed!

4. Text Editor

Text Editor
Image Source: androidcentral.com

Editing text is required in a lot of instances. But if you’re typing on a smartphone keyboard, editing text can be a hectic job. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Gboard’s inbuilt text editor mode that allows you to quickly traverse between phrases effortlessly. To enable text editing mode, tap the right arrow key in suggestions and then select the cursor icon (capital I-shaped symbol) from the list. This will open the text editor where you can use the arrow keys to quickly traverse between phrases and make the necessary alterations.

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5. GIFs and Emojis

GIFs and Emojis
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Texting can be a lot more fun with GIFs and Emojis, right? Yes, Gboard understands this fact pretty well. You can easily add a bunch of GIFs and emojis and send them to your friends and family to make your conversations much more entertaining and fun. Type any keyword and search for respective GIFs without leaving the window. Scroll through the list of all available options, pick your favorite GIF and send it right away.

6. Create Your Own Shortcuts

Create Your Own Shortcuts
Image Source: guidingtech.com

Gboard is smart enough, but you can make it a lot smarter by teaching it a bunch of custom shortcuts that you frequently use while texting. Head on to Settings >Language & Input > Gboard and select Personal dictionary. Here you can add a bunch of your own custom shortcuts like LOL for Laugh out Loud, BRB for Be right back, ROFL for Rolling on the floor and so on.

7. One-Handed Mode

One-Handed Mode
Image Source: howtogeek.com

While we’re lazily resting in the bed, Gboard one-handed mode can be your savior as it shrinks the size of the keyboard and allows you to type effortlessly single-handedly. Tap the arrow icon and then select one-handed mode icon from the list of options. Once you enable this mode, you can easily resize the size of the keyboard as per your convenience for a smoother typing experience. Yes, you can thank us later!

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Hope you loved this quick roundup of best Gboard tips and tricks. If you haven’t used this amazing Google service yet, maybe now is the time! You can download the Gboard app from respective Play Store and enhance your typing experience on a smartphone.

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