Best Features of Cortana On Windows 10 That You Must Know About

Ever since the inception of digital assistants, they’ve become an inevitable part of our lives. Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant has won several hearts across the globe. It’s getting better day by day and gaining immense popularity among masses. As it is capable of doing a lot of your task and reducing your workload, we recommend you take advantage of the same. In case you are not aware of the features, then don’t worry! We are here to your rescue, just go through the points given below and you’ll be equipped with the adequate knowledge. Let’s get started!

hi i am cortana

Best Features of Cortana On Windows 10

  • It Can Launch Applications

If you have a lot of desktop applications, then finding one that you need might become a daunting task. But you need not worry anymore as Cortana will be at your disposal always. Just tell it to open an application for you and you’ll not be disappointed. So, the next time you are finding it difficult to find your camera, just tell Cortana, “Open camera,” and that’s it!

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  • Search Your Files and Folders and Even Web

Many a time, we create or work on a folder and forget where we’ve kept it. All you’ve to do is tell Cortana to find it by giving her some details, for instance name of the file or when you last modified it, and the rest will be handled by her. She’ll immediately get to the task and start searching the files and folders in your computer and also on your personal cloud. In case you have to search anything on web, then too Cortana can be relied upon!

cortana settings

  • It Can Make Changes to The Settings

Making changes to the settings is yet another task that you can ask your personal assistant to do. She knows that too many notifications may bug you and she’ll help you for sure. But you have to tell her which settings you need to change. For example, if you need to turn off the WiFi, then just tell her, “Hey Cortana, turn off WiFi,” and your work is done!

  • Tell You About the Weather

We all make plans and sometimes they are spoiled because of unexpected weather. Well, ask your personal assistant, next time you are making any outing plan. To know about the weather condition in your area, you just need to chant these musical words and they are, “What’s the weather Cortana?” Once you get an idea about the same, you can plan your trip without being constantly worried.

cortana weather update


  • It Can Set Alarms and Reminders for You

If you are being helped by Cortana, you are never likely to forget something or get late because she takes care of this as well. You can set alarms or ask her to set reminders for you. This way you’ll not miss anything important ever! Dropping commands like “Hey Cortana, set an alarm for 6 AM tomorrow,” “Hey Cortana, please remind me to call Keith tonight!” will serve your purpose.

reminder cortana


  • Help You Learn New Things Everyday

We all need a companion to learn new things and Cortana is not just your personal assistant, she’s also your friend on whom you can rely on to learn new things. Cortana will never disappoint you in this as well. All you have to say is, “What’s up?” And you’ll get the answer. Do this regularly and learn new things each day.

Apart from things given above she can work as a guide to your destination, dictionary, calculator and MP3 player and what not. The best part of Cortana is you need not follow any predefined instructions to take help from her. Just a few keywords that explain her what you are thinking of doing will be enough!

Thus, we can conclude that Cortana is quite knowledgeable, she can do a plethora of things to help you. We hope you too enjoy working with her like we do! If we’ve left anything significant, don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments section given below!

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