Best Fact Checking Websites To Curb The Fake News

As sharing fake news has become prevalent with the ease of social media. Therefore, before believing anything you read, you must use the fact-checking websites. It is important that we cultivate the habit of identifying and stopping the fake news and consider it as our social responsibility. If facts are being clarified or the misguidance can be stopped, only then we can stop fake news from spreading. Well, Technology can help in saving you from fake news. with the help of fact-checking sites.

List Of Best Fact Checking Websites:

This article includes fact-checking sites with all topics covered for the people. Some are non-profit and non-related to any organization, which delivers unbiased opinion. They work on getting in-depth information, track all the statements and then concludeLet’s have a look at the best of the fact-checking websites to stop fake news from spreading. Follow with the list below:

1. PolitiFact: Sorting out the truth in politics

PolitiFact fact check website

Politifact is a fact-checking website, which works on American politics. This constantly post about the latest developments in politics and then ask from its readers. The submitted reviews are collected on the scale where the news can be voted as True or False. This way, when a user comes to this fact-checking website, you can check the news piece, whether it is a fake or real one. . They call it a Truth-o-meter, and it is an attractive method to see the difference betweenfake and real news. The sections include- Mostly True, Half True, False and Pants on Fire.

This is a service from Tamba Bay Times and has been working since 2007. They base the fact-checking on the reader’s view, and it then sets on the conclusion with checking the facts from various sources.

Go to the Website.

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2. is a fact-checking website, which is run by the University of Pennsylvania. This works along with the nonprofit vote from the users. They keep monitoring the statements of politicians made on the TV, Debates, speeches, interviews and news. This is the basic way where they gather their information from and it is also how they keep track of facts. It is a good fact-checking website for users who are looking for the truth behind the confused news or statements.

The website is made into the questionnaire, where the readers can generate queries and answer as well. It also serves as a good option for the students and teachers looking for the facts as a lot of people are looking for the plausibility in the current affairs.

Go to the Website.

3. Fact-Checker: Washington Post

Fact-Checker-Washington Post

The fact-checker is a fact-checking website from Washington Post. This is also seen as the section on Washington post-Sunday print edition. This is focused on checking the facts for all the statements issues by Politicians. They cover the media news from all around: whether it is international, national or local. They work along with the questions from the readers and then perform the task of fact-checking. This website has shone the light on a number of topics other than politics. Alongside providing the facts, they also provide the missing information through their articles.

It often gives the meaning of the code words used by politicians in their speech or statements. It also provides context to the topics they have covered. They are known more making people confused about topics, and therefore, this fact-checking website clarifies such topics. One can also send them suggestions as to shed some facts on the subject. They keep updating the information as they believe in refreshing it with the reviews.

Go to the Website.

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4. FactCheckingNews:


FactChecking News comes as a fact-checking website for part of the reporter’s lab. This includes a large database of news which has facts on it. The website also shows you the links to fact-checking websites from all over the world. With global news on its site, the user base is not limited. The best part about this site is that you are shown a map, and you can browse for the part of the world for the fact-checking news. This is just two years old but progressing with its efforts. The organization has a team of academics, journalists and developers to provide you with correct information.

Go to the Website.

5. Snopes:


Snopes is a fact-checking website to refer to any kind of myths or legends on the web. One must refer to it for the fact-checking of American pop culture news. This was formerly named as Urban Legends Reference Page and derives the entire revenue from advertisements. The website was earlier associated with Facebook and used to be the official fact-checking partner. Believes in transparency and has been the oldest name, when it comes tofact checking websites. It can be seen referred to by a lot of media portals.

This website is the first to reveal the truth on fake news, which spreads online quickly. The website was founded by David Mikkleson, with the aim to stop the misinformation from being circulated online. They act as soon as they get to the news and also work on the stories submitted by you. One can also send them tips and information in the Submit section.

Go to the Website.

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We would like to inform you that it is much better to use the fact-checking websites before accepting anything without proof. These fact checking sites count as the saviour for you to differentiate the fake from real.

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