10 Best Digital Magazine Software

Creation of a paper magazine requires paper, pictures, glue and of course a printing machine. But presently when everything is going digital, magazines have also gone digital so if you are planning to start a digital magazine you may not need the stationary, but you will surely need a software which can help you to create your digital magazine.

Best Digital Magazine Software

Luckily there are plenty of digital magazine creation software available in the market. In this article we are listing 10 best Digital magazine software which can help you.

1. 3D Issue:

Before we proceed further with the list of bulky software to create your Digital magazine let us first know about an online solution to do so. As we get enough internet speed anywhere these days this software is a perfect solution for those who work from office, home or from any other location. The web base interface allows you to create and upload your digital magazine in multiple formats with an ease. It gives you full control to edit your magazine online. 3D Issue is loaded with everything you might be looking in an online magazine creation tool.

3D Issue- digital magazine software


Download Here

2. Google Currents:

First pick in our list is from Google. Google currents is a Digital Magazine maker software it is as simple as drag and drop. It provides you a platform to create different sections of your publication. You can view your edits in a simulator for android, iOS. For your magazine you can import articles directly from Google DOCs, can upload media from computer. If you are starting with a low budget, then it is perfect tool. Though you will have limited control over output styling or themes but again built in simulators of this software is something which you will love about it.

Google Currents

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3. Treesaver:

As you can understand by the name itself the application is meant for digital magazine creation. Framework is based on JavaScript.  You can create magazine layout using HTML5 and CSS3. Layouts created by Treesaver magazine are dynamic and capable to fit any screen size.  Formatting of the content on this magazine is very fine and one can read your digital magazine in a crowded train or in low light condition. To turn the page, you need to swipe which is the easiest way to swipe through the magazine.

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4. The Laker Compendium:

The Lake Compendium focus on the HTML5 aspect of digital publication. Laker is basically set of design guidelines, files and styles which enables users to create interactive magazines. With this tool you can quickly see what tools are available to combine and how to combine them. You can create beautiful designs for your magazine using this software. To use this software, you must be aware about less and jQuery if you are aware about then the you can create some amazing designs with this digital magazine maker.

5. Kindle Publishing for Periodicals:

Kindle is amazon’s device specifically designed for readers and this is the reason you will find hundreds of sincere readers if you are targeting amazon kindle. Amazon provides a magazine or e book designing tool specifically for kindle users. The advantage of taking this tool is that you can sell your magazine over the website as well as on the amazon. Though formatting is a little bit restricted by kindle at this moment but for sure you will get ample number of subscriptions for your magazine as you will be utilizing those who are the loyal kindle readers.

6. The Baker Framework:

Baker is another HTML5 eBook framework for publishing interactive books and magazines. A book can be created as a collection of HTML, CSS, JS and image files. To create an iOS application, drop files into a folder and then you will be able to create a magazine using Baker XCode project. The best thing you will like about this application is that it supports apple’s Newsstand and your magazine can be by default on the apple news stand if you choose to do so.  On Github you will find guidance that what you should do and how you can make the most of a digital publishing platform.

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7. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:

Well most of the eBooks comes in pdf format and to read them in this format we mostly use Adobe reader. Over all system consists of hosted services and viewer technology. If you are a professional publisher and want to create great designs, then you can use this software. This software can be treated as an opportunity to reach readers using different devices having different screen size. If you are already familiar to adobe formats, then this digital magazine maker will be pretty much easy to handle for you.

8. WordPress:

WordPress Digital publishing platform is having a simple interface even authors themselves can publish their content. Most of the authors use this platform for their personal blogging purpose but it is also good for Magazine publication. WordPress allows you to publish from google docs. It is more suitable for those who are looking for a tool to publish daily or weekly magazine. But if you are looking for a tool to publish a monthly magazine or a onetime publication then you should look for any other software.


9. Joomag:

Your search for the best digital magazine software ends here. Joomag is a cost-effective option for those who are looking forward to publishing a digital magazine. Key feature of Joomag is that it automatically scales your publication according to different sizes and you can easily embed it with a website. Joomag is having iPad application to add HTML5 elements, and your magazine will be optimized for Android, iOS and Windows 8


10. Snapplify:

Snapplify is a tool with comparatively simple interface. Well pricing depends upon the content you want to be including in your magazine. This publishing software allows, you to upload PDFs or you can simply add custom HTML5 code videos. You can also put your magazines on the play store which is a hub for digital magazines these days. Content created using this tool get decently fit to any screen size and you can use this tool to make your magazine popular on multiple digital publishing platforms.

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11. Magzter:

Next in our list of best digital magazine software is Magzter. It is having more than 17 million users and it is a cross platform news stand using this software you can publish something which is compatible with kindle, apple news stand and even with the desktop website. PDF format allows users to download information. The software will also provide you analytics if you are planning to go for a paid magazine. Magzter is a free to use application it makes money from the revenue share with publishers.


So, these were best digital magazine software to create your digital magazine you can pick anyone from them to get started and to spread creativity. In the world of digitalization, a digital magazine is having comparatively greater reach than any other source. With the help of these software you can reach kindle readers apple news stand readers and many other readers who rely on digital magazine.


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