Best Computer Security Habits to Follow

Keeping your computer and data on it safe is very important and critical job. As cybercrimes are increasing the need for taking computer security serious has become mandatory. Installing an antivirus is not the only thing that you can do, there is more. In order to maintain a healthy computer, you need to follow good computer security habits.

In this post, we have listed some of the important and basic things to make sure your system valuable data stay safe.

Best Computer Security Habits to Follow

Let’s check out some of the best computer security habits that one should follow!

Keep Password Manager

Remembering password can be a tough task and keeping a strong password with alphanumeric characters, special characters for your accounts can increase the frequency of forgetting them. So, to keep an account of all your passwords, using a password manager is a must. A good password manager can also have an ability to generate a unique password. Moreover, they are a easy to use and increases accessibility.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is another layer added to protect your passwords. This security method requires two things which prove your identity. In order to log in, you need credentials along with either the security question or one-time code that comes to your phone. This step adds an additional layer of security in logging on.

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Backing Up Your Data At Two Places:

Creating a backup of your data helps you to save your data in case of infection or faulty hardware. Therefore backing up your data is a good option to prevent data loss. Normally people take a backup on their external hard drive but you should also keep another copy of a backup. An online backup is also a safe option. Choose any of the data backup services online and store your data safely. One of the best products Right Backup can help you secure your data on online storage.

Right backup


Private Internet Tunnel

It is strongly recommended not to use public Wifi. If you connect to public Wifi, hackers get an opportunity to hack in between and take access to your device. Login only on websites with web address starting from HTTPS. If you visit random websites, then prefer a VPN which adds an extra layer between a device and the internet.

Keep A Strong Router Password

Never leave your router open or keep a weak password as it could leave you vulnerable and there would be a risk of getting your personal and sensitive information exposed. It is recommended to use WPA2 encryption and use a random high password. High password could be a combination of alphabet in lower and uppercase, numeric and special characters. This action will make the password hacking a bit difficult. You can also use a password manager to save your day as it will keep all your passwords safe and all you need to do is remember the master password of the password manager.

Note: Don’t keep the router default password; change it as you get it.

Uninstall Java

Java is not important anymore so you can remove it. Java becomes the source of a plenty of loopholes. It is advised to delete Java and if it is needed by any of the software installed on your system then you can always reinstall.

Encrypt Everything

Encrypting your data adds an extra level of protection. You can make the website you are visiting to use encryption with add-ons. It is recommended to always look for HTTPS to authenticate a website. If you have data on a USB drive, then use BitLocker to add protection layer. It is also advised to encrypt your external hard drives as well which adds an important task.

Install Antivirus

Another way of protecting your data is by installing security software. It is advised to install antivirus and anti-malware programs. There are a lot of options available to keep your data safe. Always set schedule task and run a scan to ensure complete security all the time.  One of the best antimalware software, Advanced System Protector can help you secure your computer against malware and other threats. It keeps your system free from malicious content, unwanted adware, and the annoying toolbars.

Advanced System Protector

Put A Tap On Webcam

Malware can send and receive Word documents without any issue. It becomes more dangerous if you have mic and webcam installed. As hackers can easily hear it sees through them. There is no such way to avoid that except disconnecting it or by using tape. You can cover the lens of webcam with adhesive tapes when not in use. In case you need to use any of those in future, remove the tape and use it.

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Don’t Send Sensitive Information On Email

Never send confidential information such as banking details, social security number and other confidential information on your email. You should always encrypt the file before dealing with it.

So these are some of best computer security habits in order to maintain a safe and secure zone on your device. Try them to keep your computer secure and let us know if we missed out on something important.

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