Best Computer Monitoring Software For Windows PC

Cyberbullying and malware attacks are serious threats that we face today. It is always recommended to stay alert about these threats. However, desktops at home are often accessed by family members and friends who may not be careful enough, while being online, which could put them and your system in a vulnerable spot. Cybercriminals stalk and wait for one little mistake to victimize to make money or sometimes ever harass. As you can’t be ubiquitous, hence you need a monitoring software to keep a watchful eye for you. In this way, you can keep your family and friends away from clutches of cybercriminals.

There are many computer monitoring software for Windows available in the market. We have listed some of the best tools to monitor your computer and safeguard it from threats.

Best Computer Monitoring Software For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc

1. Qustodio


Qustodio is one of the best computer monitoring software which helps you keep your kid secure by monitoring their activities. It also alerts you when they are in trouble. It has 26 different filters, such as block sites with pornography, violence, and gambling.You can also block gaming, online shopping, and news sites. Just select the filter and it will block all the content related to the category. The software also informs you if the kid tries to access a blocked website or tries to send or receive a file, you can intercept the activity. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac OS.

2. Surfie


Surfie is a best free PC monitoring software that comes with an amazing set of tools which ensures that your kid is safe when online. It also blocks all the unauthorized access to hackers. It has 18 filter categories such as violent, pornographic and more. You can filter the categories to block the websites by content and child’s age. You can also control the time duration for which your kid can be online. It provides reports of your kid’s online activity including chat and email messages that your kid sends or receives.

3. Norton Family

Norton family

Norton Family is one of the best computer monitoring software which makes sure that you and your family are safe when online. You can block websites by content and there are 47 filter categories to choose from. You also get detailed reports about the online activities and receive alerts via text. Norton Family also has filter presets based on your child’s age. The software using website ratings to judge whether the website or content is appropriate or not. You can also block certain websites by adding the URLs to blacklist.

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4. Net Nanny

Net nanny

Net Nanny is a best free PC monitoring software which lets you block content using 18 different categories. The category includes gambling, pornography, drugs and more. You can also create categories that you find unsuitable and want to restrict your kid from using them. As the software lets you create an individual account for each family member, you can differentiate the content that you want to restrict one and allow other. If you have selected child’s age, the software will allow your kid to visit the websites according to their age group.Moreover, it lets you control the time duration for which your kid is online.

5. SpyAgent


Spytech Spyagent is a useful computer tracking software that helps you to keep an eye on your child’s online activity. It records all emails sent and received, chats and attachments. You can also track your kid’s social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and more. Spyagent controls the Internet usage of your kid and ensures that the kid stays out of trouble when online. It provides ten different filters to block inappropriate content containing websites. Moreover, you can add URLs of the website that you want to block. It gives detailed reports of the online activity so that you know it all.

6. Witigo


Witigo is a good software that helps to monitor your computer so that your kids stay safe when online. Witigo redirects your kids to an age-appropriate website when they try to access blocked content. The software allows you to block content with 27 filters including violence, pornography, gambling and more. You can also block games if you don’t find them appropriate according to kid’s age. It also allows you to block chat apps like Facebook, Skype and more. The app provides you detailed reports of the online activity so that you get to know about every move.

7. ContentBarrier


ContentBarrier is one of the best free PC monitoring software available for Windows. It safeguards your kid from unsuitable online content. The software has 23 categories to block the dangerous and inappropriate content. You can choose whether to completely block the website or send a warning message. In both the cases If your kid tries to access the website, you will receive an email. The software has time controls so you can set a limit for a time duration your kid can be online. It prepares a detailed activity report which informs which website your child has been visiting. Moreover, you can set the app to take screenshots at specific time intervals so you can check what your child is up to.

So, these are some of the best software for monitoring your computer and safeguard your PC from online threats. Try them and let us know what worked for you in the comments section below. Also, to get more tech updates, stay connected!

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