6 Best Apps That Help You Chat Without Internet

Have you ever thought what will happen if your Internet just stops working? How will you chat or stay connected without calling? But what if we tell you there is a way with which you can chat without Internet? Well, you might think that we are insane as Internet is basic requirement for chat messengers to send and receive messages!

However, this is not entirely true! There is a network known as mesh network with which you can send or receive chat messages. But there is a catch, you need to be in range of each other which is approximately 100 feet. However, this can vary from one device to another and the range of signals.

We can use this technology to chat without internet, but you’ll have to take help of a certain apps for this! Read the blog further and get to know about the apps with which you can chat without Internet!

1. FireChat

Being available for both Android and iOS backgrounds, this is immensely popular among masses. You can use this to create chat rooms and discuss things without internet. Also, this can connect device that are 200 feet away from each other without hassles. This app has been featured in CNN, BBC, Wall Street, The New York Times and many across the world!

2. The Serval Mesh

With this, you can easily make phone calls, send text messages and even or files even when no internet or cellular network is working. We can use this in time of disasters so as to connect with our family and friends. It uses a store and forward system known as Rhizome and is open-source. You can download this from here and chat will your acquaintances using your own contact number in time of emergency or contact with each other.

The Serval Mesh

3. Vojer

You’ll love this app as it instantly connects with people using a peer to peer network, Bluetooth or any similar technology. With connected devices nearby and you can not only send text messages but also send images. It does not require any type of network, it creates one for its own using mesh network.


4. Signal Offline Messenger

This one also relies on peer to peer network and has range of 100 meters. The people who use this have claimed that it is extremely reliable and secure, the reason behind this is that the registration and verification are offline, and no information passes through cloud. Thus, the info is not at risk of getting hacked. You can use it at any instance when you don’t have access to Internet.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

5. Chomp SMS

It is one of those apps which is gaining immense popularity lately. Though available only for Android phones now, it gives you a lot of freedom to customize the app according to your theme. You can even send MMS or block some numbers. There are other features as well in this and the app is available in two versions that is paid and free. You get some additional benefits by opting for the paid one!

Chomp SMS

6. Handcent Next SMS

Yet another app with which you can send and receive texts without any internet connection. This is said to work fine and thus you can rely on this when you are camping or trekking. This way you can stay connected with your friends without hassles. For now, it is only available for Android users.

Handcent Next SMS

Note: This app has been discontinued.

This is not an exhaustive list of apps that can help you to chat without internet, however these can be relied upon. Do you know more apps that are capable of doing this? If yes, tell us about them in the comments section below!

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