Best Apps That Can Make You Earn Extra Cash

Technology is changing the way people live, communicate, purchase products, and make money. With the change in today’s world we always look and search for all possible ways to earn extra. All wants to earn extra cash, to enjoy, to go for a holiday and many other things.

Imagine if your mobile device turns out to be a money earning source, rather than device used to answer calls, send text messages. Is it some sort of joke that my phone will help me make money?

This is the very first reaction when we read/hear this, but this is true. With the changing scenario, mobile phone technologies are being innovated to high standards. Nothing is impossible, you can find thousands of apps for every task, money making is also not let out. There are some apps that let you earn real money from your Android or iOS device.

Google play store and App Store are big marketplace and so, your chance of finding the best money making apps might be low. You’re liable to waste a lot of time.


This article details best mobile apps to help you make money. You can check them out to get more information on their usage.

5 Best Money Making Apps

1. Foap


FOAP is probably one of the best known platforms to earn money using your photos. Both amateur and professional photographers can use it to earn money. You can charge as much as you like per photo, which means that your money-making opportunities through Foap are virtually limitless.

To begin using the app you need to Sign-up for a free account and then can start uploading images to the marketplace.

Interested buyers have different choices they can select from a huge selection of photographers and snaps. As a standard an image pays you $10, and as the photographer, you get $5.

It’s a large platform with lots of users, many brands are attracted to it. It’s free to download and there is no ongoing membership fees.

You can also take part in pre-set missions with specific themes and get paid if your image is selected and purchased.  Payments are transferred via Paypal.

Download links: Android | iOS

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2. Fieldagent


Undoubtedly, Fieldagent is the best app to earn money easily.  To earn you just need to become an agent for a company, and work as eye and ear of a company.

App users have to answer survey questions and perform small tasks for cash sums. You can take picture of a gas station building, signs, and display at a grocery store.

You can earn between $3 and $8, but can increase it, if you take more difficult job.

Download links: Android | iOS

3.      App Karma


One of the best money making apps, App Karma, helps you earn daily rewards easily by using your smartphone.  To earn you have to download apps and games then try them out. AppKarma pays you a percentage in the form of gift cards.

To get started download and launch AppKarma it will show you a list of all of the free apps being promoted. Beside each app name you can see a total point value, telling you how much you can earn when you download and try the app. Complete the offers to earn rewards, then redeem your points for PayPal or top brand gift cards. When you redeem your rewards, App Karma give you 5% of the points back to you!

Rewards include Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, Starbucks vouchers and Google Play gift cards.

Download links: Android |

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4.      Viggle


Viggle makes you earn reward points for just watching live tv shows or listening to music albums. You simply need to open this app, recognize any of your favorite music or TV show and get reward points. Also, can use Viggle Live, to earn points by answering questions or polls while the show is currently live. These pointed can be redeemed for gift cards but on certain outlets. The longer you stay watching the more you earn.

Download links: Android

5.      Surveys On The Go


Surveys On The Go is one of the favorite apps that pays you money, when you are on the go. With this app you get surveys based on your thoughts of advertising campaigns, videos or current news topics.

Surveys that you receive are mostly short and worth $0.25 to $5. The cashout threshold for this app is $10.

The best thing about the app is that it pays out on time.

Download links: Android | iOS

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That was a rundown of some of the Best Money Making Apps. You can download the apps on both Android and iOS. These apps will helps to maximize your chances of earning cash with payouts on a weekly and monthly basis.

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