Best Android / iOS Apps For Journalists

The morning paper is something we look forward to. It gives us a clear picture of where we stand in regards to our own country and those around the world. While there may be many new devices and apps that give us the information in a shorter format, the morning paper has editorials in which the journalist adds his two cents and gives us a clearer picture of any political situation or natural calamity. This editorial is known as the free press. This freedom has grown from strength to strength since the time of independence.

Every country has its own 4th estate that enjoys a clout that is given to them. This upper hand is known as freedom of speech. In the select few countries where this reality may not ring true, there is a 100% chance that those countries are either a Principality or a Monarchy with a prince or king at the helm that curbs such freedom or else that particular country is under the rule of a tyrant dictator. For journalist that work in this crucially important field, mentioned below are the best Android / iOS apps for journalists to make their job easier.

Best Android Apps For Journalists

There are a few apps that help a journalist or a reported survive the difficult and often life-threatening situations they find themselves in. Mentioned below are some of the best Android Apps for journalists.

 1. Pushbullet


This application is one of the most important and crucially important tool for every reporter or journalist. It enables them to share links, files, images and even information in text format or as audio files. This application helps them stay connected when on the move and as it is very smartphone friendly, it does not eat into the device’s battery. Additionally, it also allows users to access their WhatsApp, Kik And Facebook Messenger and respond to the same. This is one of the best Android app for Journalists and is available for download here.

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2. ICE


There is a saying that goes “Health is Wealth”. In the case of reporters who are covering an area that has recently faced a massive landslide or a journalist who is in a war zone, their health is at greater risk than their peers. They face of risk of life. For such terrible situations, it is important that they use the ICE protocol. ICE stands for IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. As mentioned earlier, many of the reporters or journalists, have sensitive data on their smartphones. Hence by installing ICE, they can save their medical information beforehand onto their device. With it, first responders can quickly access the medical records which includes crucial information such as blood group, allergies and any medical history without having to unlock the device. This incredible application is recommended for all. Download it here

3. Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol

Safety is a crucial factor in the life of a journalist. For female reporters especially, it becomes extra important to be aware of the area that they are visiting in order to report. With an app like Mobile Patrol, all they need to do is add the postal code of the area in to the search bar and they shall get notification on their smartphone. These notifications include all the information about that area including any criminal activities, any riots, or even a fallen tree that is obstructing traffic. These things help in ensuring that the reporter and the team that is visiting the area are safe and secure as it offers the option of reporting any such activity or any anti-social elements to the local law enforcement agency. They shall in turn act pronto to ensure that law and order is maintained in the area. Download this app here.

4. Waze


With Realtime help for reporters who drive and visit new locations for covering a story, Waze is the best app for journalists to have on their smartphones. Additionally, Waze is a navigation app that displays real-time traffic and provides all sort of road information. One of the unique aspects of this application, is that other drivers on the road can update the status and reveal shorter and faster routes which in turn helps save gas and time. One of the best Android app for journalists can be downloaded here.

Best iOS Apps For Journalists

An iPhone offers the users a whole range of diversity. Hence, it is a preferred option for reporters who work on the field. Hence, mentioned below are the best iOS apps for journalists.

1. By Word

By Word

Byword is one of the best iOS app for journalist as it allows them to access their data from multiple devices with the help of the iCloud. What makes Byword a unique app is that it offers the reporters an option of entering their text in the ‘markdown’ format. (a computing language) This application will then automatically convert the text into a HTML file format thus saving time and battery life. Text entered in the markdown file format can also be exported into a PDF file format. Additionally, one can also use Byword to directly publish on to platforms such as WordPress, Medium, Blogger,  Evernote and Tumblr amongst others. The cherry on the cake is that it also has a dark mode option which can help a reporter work even in low-light situations. This must have application can be downloaded here.

2. iMovie


iMovie is one of the most innovative application for any reporter to create an audio/video clip. It allows the user different templates, graphics and allows them to even add a background score or an audio script. This application is the best iOS app for journalists as it allows them to project their story in the most creative manner yet allowing them to export them on to different devices with the help of iCloud or stream them directly on the HTML format via Apple TV. This amazing application can be downloaded here.



‘If This Then That’, also known as IFTTT, is the best iOS app for journalist list simply because of the diverse range of options that it offers. Additionally, the 600+ apps with which it is compatible with lets a reporter choose the best means of sharing or investigating their story. This app allows them to get alerts of the latest happenings around the world while offering services to such applets as Weather Underground, Date & Time, Phone Call, SMS, Email Digest, and Email services. This application is available for download here.

 4. Hydra


For photojournalists, who may not be able to access their HDMR quality cameras, Hydra is an amazing application that will definitely help them in capturing HD quality images. It does so with the help of 32-megapixel high-resolution images that it captures. It offers 5 image capturing modes which are: HDR, Video HDR, Zoom Low-Light and Hi-resolution modes. These modes ensure that professional level photographs are made possible with an iPhone or iPad. This amazing app can be downloaded here.

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5. Chart Maker Pro

Chart Maker Pro

Graphics and charts are a visual aid that is often used by journalists to better explain their stories. It helps them in establishing the before and after statistics and ratios of any story that they are covering. This application offers bar, line, area and pie charts amongst others. Charts and graphs once created can easily be shared on to emails, or as PDF or PNG images. Additionally, it also renders the final chart and text included into landscape or portrait mode as per the user’s preference. This application can be downloaded here.

There you have it folks! The best Android / iOS apps for journalists. The above-mentioned lists ensures that journalists stay connected, safe and secure as they cross borders and put their life in jeopardy for getting us the true story and hard facts of our country and the world around us.

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