Best Alternatives To Google Search

Every time you want to know about anything, we open a search engine and type in the query.Web search engines are meant to give you solutions to all the things you want to know. But what basically are these search engines?

Search Engine is a program that searches for and identifies items in a database related to keywords mentioned by a user.

Whenever we think of searching for something, the first thing that pops up in mind is Google Search. However, with a personalized experience of the Google search engine, there is a hidden cost of letting Google collect our data, which is a privacy concern.  That made us look for more prospects on the web, to search for alternatives to Google.

What Are Some Of The Best Alternatives To Google Search?

We have listed some of the best search engines to look for if you want Google search alternatives. It would be surprising to know but many of the services provided or the search results accuracy by other engines is much better than Google.

Read the list below and try out these search engines to look for the best for you:

1. Bing


A decade-old option to search for things online. It was introduced as a default browser for Windows. It comes along with our Windows PC. It was preceded by MSN search, Windows Live Search, and Live search. Bing will help you search the web, videos, images. This search engine is quite a popular alternative to Google and still preferred by many for a seemingly easy way to find something online. Available in 40 languages Bing gives you an option to search for a particular topic in that language. Get images from the trending topics around the world along with the news in scrolled form.

2. Yahoo


Yahoo is still one of the biggest names and perfect to be used as an alternative to Google. This search engine established itself as a whole new world for users being on the World Wide Web. Providing these services along with the search engine on your homepage to keep the viewer engrossed. Yahoo came up with mail, news astrology, messenger and the most famous once Answers. Yahoo search engine is famous for its elaborate results. Much to some people’s surprise, Yahoo has existed long before Google become one name for searching. It claims to have more relevant results and thus making it a choice of many users over time.

3. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is one of the search engines which has gained a lot of mass with its advertisement. The web search engine claims to have no access to your search history and thus no ads to stalk you. In short, the search engine directly saves its user from privacy breach. Unlike Google, this alternative search engine will get you answers to your queries but without them keeping a log of it. The good reason to switch from Google is that it will never save any of your search results and frees you from the worry of ads followed by them. The short search is included in the name of Bangs which will search inside Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia, Reddit, etc.

4. Qwant


Qwant is a France based search engine that aims to beat Google. With the user-friendly search types are made to be saved on the servers, but it is criticized. As a Google Alternative, it provides correct results online. Choose the region from the home page of the search engine to optimize the answers. Get the search engine installed on your computer to make it a simpler process. Sharing via Qwant is easy with its button readily available on the home page. Includes maps, music and search engine for kids named as Junior. Also, enjoy the dark theme while searching which is conveniently available in settings on home page.

5. Search encrypt

Search encrypt 

Search encrypt is a Google alternative without the privacy issues. Here, the search history itself gets deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity. The search engine is available as an extension on Chrome too. Use it for better results and the encryption provided for the system and its servers. This uses the search data to show ads on the search result page. SSL encryption ensures the users for their privacy intact with this alternative to Google. With the clean interface, it is pretty direct to what it offers which is to search the web and get results for us.

6. SearX


Searx is quite good at picking results from over 82 search engines in an orderly manner. This Google Alternative is better at maintaining the privacy of its users. Never keeping a profile for the user on what the search is about. Never even keeps a log of your time and place as per other search engines to give a personalized result. It stops the cookies to collect information to protect them from any misuse. This does not save any IP addresses unlike many other search engines.

7. StartPage


StartPage was founded in 1996 but started with the rebranding in 2006. With the “Anonymous View mode it protects the search made by the user. Thus, with a clean environment where you can simply browse without any search history being saved. Protecting the personal search made by people is what makes it discrepant from other search engines. It claims to not save your personal data or any history logs for search made on the website. Set it as the home page if you wish to stop every activity being tracked. This search engine is said to be World’s most private search engine. Therefore it can be a great alternative to Google.

8. Yandex

Yandex search 

With a very attractive layout, Yandex provides different services like mail, language translation, and Maps. This is highly functional and can be used as Google alternative easily. It has an inbuilt Image search on its home page. You can look for videos on the section by adding to it or you can go to the video-sharing giant YouTube. A user login makes it even easier to personalize the search engine for your use. Do a lot more with images – like, comment or bookmark them for later view or share on social media platforms. Try the Yandex translate which works for 90+ languages and helps yourself.

9. Swisscows

Swisscows search

Swisscows cares about you as they claim in their tagline and they sure do. Since they are not storing your data which can be a good reason to switch it as Google alternative. Other features make it a lucrative deal to get it for your home computer and other devices. With the regional search button, you can get a proficient result for your query. Also, the Semantic Map helps in One of its kind Family-friendly search engines which will always work in blocking any explicit content from the search results. Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and other languages make it a good option for search engines.

10. Gibiru


Gibiru claimed as unfiltered search results which will direct and not diverting as such Google. No marketing or ads by tracking your search history or query type. Deemed as private search engine and saving the user’s personal space as it is. This Google search Alternative will not save any cookies, IP addresses or search logs. Recommends users to switch to VPN while browsing to block websites from tracking your location. This search engine is available as an application for both Android and iOS. Also available as an extension with the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

11. Ask 

Ask originally founded in 1996 and known as was a place to get answers online. Initially used with the search were made in a question form. Simple to the point search engine present with the latest news articles on its home screen. Go to of Culture, Travel and Entertainment section to keep yourself occupied. This is one of Google search alternatives to provide suggestions to help you look for precise or related words. The AskEraser is a feature that can be used to opt-out of the tracking of search and clears out cookies.

12. Ecosia


Ecosia is helping to grow plants with every search. Showing accurate results along with the suggestions while typing. This Berlin-based search engine is donating 80% of its earnings from the search engine. They provide a safe environment on their search engine with privacy at the forefront. It doesn’t track any activity or storing the logs, also clear the searches within a week. Also, they don’t practice third-party data collection to market products and services. Start using this Google alternative today if you wish the daily search to contribute and give back to Mother Nature.


Unless you are looking for a complete Suite which comes along with other apps and services. Go for one of the convenient options from the list which are easily the best alternatives to Google. Mostly the search engines focus on the privacy of the concerned users. We use search engines to find out every small bit in everyday life. However important it is, we should not limit to Google search engine, for other reliant providers are available too.  Also read about the Chrome browser alternatives to switch from Google.

Try them out and let us know about any other Google alternative that you have found useful. Please share your ideas in the comment section below. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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