Best Air Quality Apps To Check Air Status Of Any Location

We are sure no one is unaware of the worsening air quality all around the world due to emissions by human beings as well as naturally. There are multiple reasons for such a situation today, but the major impact will be borne by the coming generation, impacting health, lifestyle and many more things than ever imagined.

Through this page, we will take a quick tour of air quality index, worsening impacts and finally best air pollution apps that alert you beforehand to escape from environmental threats.

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News source: Science Daily

Air Quality Index

Air Quality Index or AQI is a value-based measurement that explains whether the air quality around you is good or bad on a daily basis. It runs between 0 to 500 where 0 denotes ‘Good’ and 500 is a notion of ‘Worse’.

So if you are traveling to a new destination or have a doubt on your own locality’s air quality index, you can keep air quality apps on your smartphone today. These apps will push out air pollution information around the world for your careful attempts towards the health of your family and friends.

Best Air Quality Apps Of The Year

1. Air Quality | Air Visual: Android/iPhone

Why do we say that this air quality index app is perfect for you? It is because the app is capable of providing all the air pollution information (real-time & forecast) of more than 10,000 cities around the world.

Air Quality Airvisual also acts as weather forecaster so you can understand the present situation and its sync with city pollution.

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What’s More?

  • Get 2D & 3D air pollution maps on your phone screen with precise details.
  • Health recommendations to lower the health risk due to air pollution.
  • Sync with Air Visual Monitor to find out indoor area readings smartly.
  • News highlights from trusted stations like US Embassy & US Consulate readings for China.

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2. Plume Air Report: Android/iPhone

The quality of air you are breathing now and how it is going to transform in the coming few days is quite evident with this air pollution app. If you are a resident of the area which has severe air quality and the Air Quality Index (AQI) is poor, this app will help you in molding behavioral patterns accordingly.

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What’s More?

  • The in-built Confidence Index is present to confirm the accuracy of air pollution information.
  • Compare the air quality index worldwide.

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3. Air Matters: iPhone

Air quality monitoring of more than 180 countries is very much possible with this air quality meter app. Once you enter your current location, view air quality index and standards switching among the U.S., China, UK, and India. All those who are allergic to certain pollens will also be able to keep themselves on alert during such a situation.

Air Matters iPhone

What’s More?

  • This air pollution app can connect easily with Laser Egg Air Monitor and Philips Smart Air Purifier.
  • Premium version is completely ad-free.
  • Supports more than 20 languages for a broad user-base.

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4. Air Quality: Android

Monitor air quality of any place very precisely with Air Quality app. Now just this, get more detailed information about all the activities that are not recommended in the present situation. For example, when air quality worsens, it recommends not to jog or run in the open streets to avoid lung diseases.

Air Quality

What’s More?

  • Learn about weather conditions with accurate measurements.
  • You can click the picture and ask the app about the air quality.

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5. Airqualiter: Windows

Using Airqualiter, you can simply check out weather conditions for your awareness. Moreover, you will also get to know about typical air pollutants like ozone, NO2, etc. And experience a live tile for the same.

This air quality meter is absolutely free of cost and perfect for making advanced preparations regarding the pollution level of your city.


6. Air: Mac

Download another free app called ‘Air’ in your Mac and stay updated even about the minor climatic conditions by placing ZIP code in the menu bar. Once you enter it, Air will itself tell you about the condition (e.g. red for the hazardous environment).


Get Here! Air

7. Breezometer: Browser

Such an easy and simple website, Breezometer is very much accurate and worthy place to test air quality. Without downloading anything new, you just need to input the location and rest of the air pollution information will be made by Breezometer itself.


It also provides other relevant information like health recommendations and the air content you are breathing at the moment. You can also learn about the weather, pollen index for allergic patients and air quality forecast in the near future on one single page.

Breathe Free

Breathe Free, Breathe Fresh!

Even if Air Quality Index is sharply facing a crisis, things could be changed with our awareness and right actions. Keeping air quality apps on your phone is one important action to save ourselves from coming emergency.

Whereas when long term actions are concerned, avoiding harmful actions and planting more trees is something that can save our coming generation. Make sure you indulge in air quality testing today and save yourself & kids from major diseases now.

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Image Source: Science Daily

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