Best 4 USB-C Monitors Money Can Buy

USB-C has made a big splash in the technological world. Many tech companies are now supporting USB-C technology in their devices to make the most out of its incredible features.

USB-C has become one of the most flexible data transfer options currently present in the market. With USB-C connection, users can share data at faster rates and connect extra monitors to laptops and tablets. Moreover, the USB-C can charge devices rapidly.

Looking at the number of features it can offer, USB-C is being introduced in many new generation monitors. Companies like Asus, HP, LG and Acer are trying to make the most out of the technology. Like any other device that provisions USB-C, monitors present features like flexibility.  It allows you to charge devices or connect additional monitors. Having multiple USB-C ports enables you to perform all above tasks and more things simultaneously.

In due course, USB-C monitors benefit you with best flexibility options and provides you with ultimate control. However, finding the best USB-C monitor for you could be a difficult job as there are lot of options available in the market. In this article, we’ve attempted our best to include 4 best USB-C powered monitors according to their budget, performance and usage. We hope that this article helps you buy the right monitor for you.

Top 4 USB-C Powered Monitors: –

Here are the 4 best USB-C monitors that are categorized as per your preferences lie budget, performance and usage. Read On!

LG 34UC99-W

LG 34UC99-W
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If you are looking out for the optimal USB-C powered monitor performance and budget isn’t an issue, you can certainly opt for LG 34UC99-W.

The monitor is 34 inches and has a curved screen. Due to curviness, it’s wider than regular monitors. It also has an aspect ratio of 21:9. The resolution of the screen is 3840 x 1600 pixel. With LG 34UC99-W USB-C powered monitor, users can access 4K content and transfer data at a faster rate. It also features FreeSync that syncs monitor’s refresh rate and graphics card frame rate with fast-moving video games.

The monitor also includes features like Reader mode that helps you to read comfortably by reducing blue light of the monitor. As a result, it reduces eye fatigue.

LG 34UC99-W is considered as one of the best USB-C monitors as it has something for everyone. LG 34UC99-W is also available in 38” size. It’s worth the money. Click here to visit its official website.

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LG 34UM69G0-B

LG 34UM69G0-B
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There are very less options when it comes to budget-friendly USB-C monitors. However, you can find a few USB_C monitors that are designed for typical consumers. LG’s 34UM69G-B is one of the best USB-C monitors in that category.

This LG monitor includes features like 34’’ flat screen, 21:9 aspect ratio, a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels and many more. It also includes features like Motion Blur Reduction (1ms) that allows the monitor to show fast-paced visuals smoothly.

There are many controls in the monitor that enhances visual experience. For example, AMD FreeSync synchronizes monitor’s refresh rate and graphics card’s frame to high-quality videos. Other features like Dynamic Action and Black Stabilizer improves the overall quality of visuals be it games or scenes that are scarcely bright.

Other than USB-C ports, you will also find input options like HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort. There are some enhancements like red colored V-Line standard pops that enrich visual appeal of the screen. Click here to visit the official page of LG 34UM69G0-B.

Dell S2718D

 DELL S2718D
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Dell S2718D is a great option for users who would like to buy USB-C monitors for office use. The monitor includes features like 27’’ LED screen, 2560 x 1440 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and a borderless design. You can locate all ports including USB-C port at the bottom of monitor. Amazingly, the Dell monitor is portable and weights just 6.5 lbs. that’s featherlight compared to other standard monitors.

Dell S2718D deliver high-quality visuals via HDR (High Dynamic Range) support. It also includes a USB-C cable that will supply power to the monitor. You can charge your laptop as well as obtain laptop’s display on monitor by plugging in the laptop with the cable attached to monitor. Click here to visit the official page of Dell S2718D.

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AOC i1601fwux

AOC i1601fwux
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You will love AOC i1601fwux for its portability. Sometimes, a monitor that is attached to a wall doesn’t make sense. But then, in such cases, AOC i1601fwux can be helpful.

Contrary to other monitors, AOC i1601fwux is portable and contains a kickstand. Therefore, you can adjust the monitor as per desire be it at home, on an airplane or at your workplace. It has a 16’’ screen that has 1920 x 1080 resolution (full-HD). However, the aspect ratio is 700:1, which is poor compared to other monitors in the list.

Most importantly, AOC i1601fwux does not need a power cable. In its place, you can simply connect the USB-C cable to whichever device you desire. It will transmit the required power to the monitor and display visuals. With the AOC monitor, you can rotate the screen as per your preference i.e. portrait or landscape mode.

The monitor is exceedingly thin as it is designed for portability. It weighs around 1.8 pounds, hence can be carried along easily. Click here to visit the official page of AOC i1601fwux.

These were 4 best USB-C monitors categorized based on performance, budget-friendliness, portability and office use. We are positive that the list will help you choose the best product that indeed meets your requirements. Feel free to connect with us to ask anything about the topic in the comments section below.

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