5 Useful Benefits of Using a Video Doorbell

“The wellbeing of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.”

Quite true, isn’t it?

Security is not just a term but it’s more of a process that plays a crucial role in our lives. Whether it’s about personal relationships or protecting our data, being secured is the only thing we crave the most. And a big thanks to technology, as now it lends a helping hand in keeping our digital lives secured. Innovative gadgets and appliances not just help us in accomplishing day to day tasks easily, but also make our smart home a better place to live.

Talking of a smart home, a video doorbell is one must-have security gadget to keep your house protected while you’re away from home. A wide variety of video doorbells are available in the market of different price ranges and features that you can choose for yourself. Although, apart from security here are a few more video doorbell benefits that will make you realize that investing in a video doorbell was a worthy decision.

video doorbellSo, while we keep the burglars away, let’s explore a few useful things that your smart home’s video doorbell is capable of doing.

Benefits of Using a Video Doorbell

1. Package Delivery Update

We’re all crazy about shopping online, right? And receiving our packages right at our doorstep is one of the best feelings to experience. But what if you’re away and there’s no one available at home to receive your package? So, in this case, most of the time the delivery guy leaves the package at your doorstep no matter how anxious it makes you feel.

Benefits of Video Doorbell
Image Source: Smart Neighbor

Lucky enough, if you’ve got a video doorbell installed in your smart home, you can see the live status of your package that’s lying at your doorstep making sure that it doesn’t get misplaced by any reason.

2. DND Mode

Feeling sleep deprived is one of the worst things! So, another amazing video doorbell benefits that you can put to best use is by enabling its DND mode to sleep peacefully without being disturbed by the visitors. Once the DND mode is turned on, you won’t hear the loud doorbell chime and you will be notified on your smartphone instead so that you can quietly check who’s on the door and decide whether you want to attend them or not.

3. Keep an Eye on your Kids

Uses of Video Doorbell
Image Source: ring.com

While you’re at work, you are constantly worried about your kid’s safety, right? So, to make sure whether they have reached home safely from school or if they are doing okay while playing in the garden, your video doorbell can benefit you in viewing the live update of what’s going on. You can see what they are doing, whose company they are in, whether they are safe or not and so on.

4. Converse with the Visitors

Converse with the Visitors
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Agree or not but installing a video doorbell will be one of the best decisions you ever made. So, suppose you’re doing something important, say cooking a meal or attending a guest. In this case, even if someone else turns up to your house, you can use your video doorbell to directly answer them via your smartphone without having to actually open the door. Sounds like relief, right?

5. Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Integration
Image Source: Tech Hive

Last and definitely not the least, another most amazing benefits of having a video doorbell installed at your home is smart home integration. Your video doorbell will not just act as a standalone gadget, but can also be integrated with a variety of appliances including voice assistant speaker to make your smart home experience more pleasant. Thanks to the evolving technology that you can now easily connect your smart home devices altogether for a more automated experience.

And that’s a wrap! Here were a few video doorbell benefits that you must definitely be aware of. So, if you already own a video doorbell or planning to buy it anytime soon, we hope you make the most of this nifty security gadget. A variety of brands are offering affordable yet smart video doorbells that you can buy online. Choose the one that fits well with your budget and needs to keep your home safe and secure.

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