Become An Expert Traveler With These 6 Airbnb Staycation Tips and Tricks

Vacations have their own charm, isn’t’ it? Packing our favorite pair of apparel in the luggage, checking in at a hotel, tasting the food of different cuisines, exploring new places and locations, clicking pictures to make every minute count. Yes, we all love vacations more than anything!

Well, as we’re talking of vacations, we’re pretty sure you must be aware of Airbnb, right? Airbnb has changed the way how we perceive our accommodation and especially when you have plans for staying for a long duration. For those of you who are not aware, Airbnb is an innovative platform that allows you to find places to stay where you can directly rent accommodation or space from the host (owner) itself. Yes, that’s right. You can either rent and find a perfect place to stay or become a host, to register on Airbnb.

Let’s cut to the chase and explore these useful Airbnb tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most of your staycation.

Airbnb Tips and Tricks

Always Consider the Dates

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Yes, undoubtedly the most important thing to consider while planning a vacation. And this goes true in the case of Airbnb as well. Whenever you’re trying to look for any shelter on Airbnb, select the dates first so that you see refined results in the specific timeframe. Specifying a duration will also help you in getting a fair idea of how much your accommodation will cost if you pick a certain room or house. Doing so will help a budgeted trip so that you easily manage your expenses on the go, once the accommodation is pretty sorted.

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Use the Filters Smartly

Airbnb is one gigantic platform, a service that is used by millions of users worldwide. Another reason which makes Airbnb such a huge success is its availability on various platforms including web and mobile. Well, in case you haven’t noticed just like any other online service Airbnb also offers you a bunch of useful filters that you can apply to customize your search criteria.

Use the Filters Smartly

You can tap on the “More Filters” button to refine your search so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Suppose, you want a laptop-friendly place, a washing machine or an indoor working out space maybe then you can check on these options to see a list of homes available with these facilities. Airbnb takes care of each and every little thing to make sure you have a pleasant stay!

The Map Option

Map Option
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Say, you’re planning a trip to Italy and looking for properties in nearby areas. So, in this case, Airbnb’s map feature can be of great use. Enable the “Search as I move on the map” feature in the Settings while you browse the map for searching Airbnb homes. Also, keep zooming in on the map if you’re looking for accommodation in a specific location or street for better search results.

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Bookmark Spots for Later

Bookmark Spots for Later

This is one of the most useful Airbnb tips and tricks if you crave for wanderlust. While browsing through the Airbnb app, if you come across any beautiful place or location, say a treehouse home that can make your weekend getaway memorable then, in this case, Airbnb gives you an option to bookmark spots for later. You can create a list of all your favorite spots and stays and check on each and every item of your travel bucket list whenever you like. To bookmark any spot, tap the heart icon next to it so that it can be saved to your Airbnb list.

Don’t Ignore the Reviews

Don’t Ignore the Reviews

Reviews are one of the most effective sources of judging a space or destination, especially when you’re booking a home on Airbnb. So, before you get all overwhelmed with the pictures, take out a little time and read the reviews to do thorough research of how the previous guests have rated their stay. This will allow you to take a better decision. Yes, you can thank us later!

An Experience That Counts

Experience That Counts
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If you’re having a tough time deciding where you should go for a vacation, then, in this case, you can use Airbnb’s Experience and Adventures feature. In this section, you will find a variety of pre-planned tours, activities that you can instantly choose to begin your vacay mode. You can pick a destination or experience depending on the type of activity you like and commence the adventure right away!

So fellas, hope you liked our quick list comprising of most useful Airbnb tips and tricks. If you’re not fond of hotels then you will definitely fall in love with Airbnb as it gives you your own little private space, like a home away from home that can make your staycation pleasant and memorable.

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