5 Awesome Things To Try on Google Lens

The way how technology evolves can amaze us in infinite ways! If we roll a decade back it was quite impossible to imagine a gadget that could simply scan nearby objects and provide all relevant information regarding it in just one go. Well, yes Google Lens has made it quite possible. Agree or not but Google Lens is the only application right now which can be termed as the “Future of Search”.

With Google Lens, Augmented Reality has surely jumped to next level. So, if you just got yourself this amazing technology marvel by Google, here are a few tips to make the most of Google Lens! But first let’s understand how Google lens actually works.

How Does Google Lens Work?

The answer to this question is basically device dependent whether you have an iOS or Android. On Android, the process is much easier and faster in comparison. So, as soon as you invoke Google Lens app on your device, you’ll see a Lens icon in the lower-right corner. Now tap on it to bring Lens to life for real-time searches.

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As now you’re through with how to use this amazing gadget let’s check out a bunch of cool stuff that you do with Google Lens.

1. Know All about a Book by Scanning its Cover


The pleasure of going to a bookstore and buying a book can never match with purchasing it online, right? So, if you’re one of them too then Google Lens can really help you out in figuring out the best out of the lot. Simply snap the book’s cover and you can get all the relevant information regarding the same. It is much faster than typing the book’s title on Google and then browsing information.

2. Know All about Your Favorite Building or Architecture

search what you see


Love to explore new places and landmarks? If the answer is affirmative then Google Lens can be your perfect travel companion. Travel, explore and simply snap the picture of your favorite landmark to know all about it.

3. Grow Your Love for Flora



Are you a huge fan of plants? Ever wondered what kind of plant it is while traveling across a garden? Well, Google Lens can now help you and tell you about a specific plant by simply clicking its picture.

4. Add Events to Your Calendar

Imagine seeing a poster of your favorite band playing in your city but the next moment your boss calls and makes you forget about the tour completely. Well, Google Lens comes with a useful feature where you can add an event to your calendar directly by just clicking a picture of the poster you saw a lane across.

5. Let Reviews Drive Your Eat-Outs



Isn’t it disappointing when all the rats in your stomach march for a brunch and you spot a restaurant with great interior but later regret cause the food was just not worth the money you spent? Google Lens might just sort things out for you as the user reviews are just one snap away.

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So folks, here were a few things to get started with Google Lens app. Do let us know your feedback how excited you are to use this amazing application!

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