Automation Impact: Industries That Are Set To Change Forever

Can you name one job that won’t be automated or dehumanized in future? The answer is probably “NO” and our history is the proof. The world during Industrial revolution of 18th and 19th century witnessed major transformations in labor industry. Contradictory to that, the incoming technological revolution is preparing for mass unemployment and income inequality. Since the process of automation is changing at a rapid rate, the current theory of “Automation replacing Human” is a reality we can’t ignore.

automation impact

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Robots don’t fall ill and are emotionless, obedient, efficient, and hence are replacing humans as a preferred choice. In a click-driven tech environment, the potential effect of addiction to technology at workplace is becoming a matter of concern. In Fact, the world is experiencing an emerging concept of “Cobots”, where robots are cooperating with human in fields like health, production and driving. Here is the list of industries affected by robotization.

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Leading companies are adopting technology in manufacturing sector to boost growth and revenue. Introduction of robotic manufacturing equipment is largely to escape heavy manual labor.


Automation in health industry provides assistance in treatment procedures, clinical studies, journal articles, research, medical record data and patient info for analysis.

Data Collection And Processing:

The process of acquiring data, which is not only reliable but effective is vital in this era of Internet to target right customers.


Backup cameras and sensors, lane detection system, auto braking, self-driving and voice controls are some of the technological advancement added in this field.


Advanced robots are being put into training and combat missions to replace humans in high risk environments.


From self-driving ore trucks to robotic drills, automation is saving miners from risks, ranging from falling rock to fire accidents.


Physical activities in retailing includes packing objects for shipping, stocking merchandise, gathering customer or product information, maintaining records of sales, and other data-collection activities.


Farmers have been using IoT enhanced robotics and machines as a production aid, but now there are robots cultivating crops without human influence.

Product Delivery:

Delivery drones used by Amazon and Dominos is one small step in the field of automation.

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Automated Machines:

ATM, traffic lights, e-mail spam filtering are some of the most common examples of automation.

Automated machine

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Understanding The Human-Tech Tussle

Despite such advancements, we still want to talk to doctors, who can sympathize with us and know the art in science. Getting food from automated machines definitely sounds exciting and is time-saving, but being welcomed by someone with a warm smile, who responds to all your query related to menu and taste-buds gives another level of satisfaction. Also, self-driving may save you from traffic but a joy ride can only be attained via an undestined road.

The rise of mass unemployment and income inequality doesn’t solely depend on technology but on laws and policies of the institutions and government. Also, an expert rather than robot better knows, how to adjust and solve anomalies in his field by adopting different approaches or protocol. Pushing technology to its fullest extent is a desirable approach for development especially in sectors like health and education but depending completely on the same is not.

Yes, technology will replace human and we will be served by robots but this doesn’t mean we will never need humans. We still want a human touch, even after a query is solved by technology. Yes, machines can perform tasks with much better efficiency than human. But then machine lacks artistry, emotions and cognitive ability, something that is unique to human beings and cannot be replicated.


Technology is everywhere and is here to ease our way of living. But some things remain basic like emotional intelligence, communication and decisions with humanly touch. Just because automation is available, doesn’t mean it will always remain a best alternative in every situation. What do you think about increasing technological addiction and role of human? Drop your comments in the section below.

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