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Rimzhim Sharma is a content writer at WeTheGeek. An engineer by qualification, she discovered her penchant for writing all things tech and cool, quite by chance. Loves to write how-to articles and tips/hacks on Windows and Mac. Alongside, she also has a keen interest in exploring newest technology trends and gadgets. An existential hodophile by nature, when not writing, Rimzhim is likely to be found reading, babbling with friends, exploring music, or simply digging into her favorite foods.

Author: Rimzhim Sharma

Tech Facts - 2021-04-30

Why is Bitcoin Anonymous: Things you need to know

Bitcoins have always manifested traits of anonymous nature despite of being the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin in the news recently, especially due to its high use in deep web and ransomware demands. Researchers worldwide are struggling to find a detailed interpretation about how this actually works….

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Tech Facts, Tips & Tricks - 2017-01-10

7 Ways to Protect your Online Privacy

Cyber crooks are giving us a big headache nowadays! Anytime we connect to the Internet, we are vulnerable to identity theft. As they say “One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure”.  No matter how baffling it may sound, but it falls true in this scenario. A lot of information which we share online is…

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Learning Center, Tech Facts - 2021-04-29

Have You Ever Wondered How Do Hackers Earn Money?

Well, here’s your answer. The secretive business of “Cybercrime” is lurking all around the web. Seriously, there are like thousands of ways by which hackers can easily evade our privacy and penetrate into our security system. But the question arises, what do they get out of it? Who is paying them to perform these illegal/immoral…

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Outlook Help, Tips & Tricks - 2018-04-18

How to Start Outlook in Safe mode

“When something isn’t working right, Go Left” they say. Jokes apart, if we talk in technical reference the “left” in this scenario is the Safe mode. Switching into safe mode solves almost half our technical troubles. The same goes for Outlook as well, as whenever Outlook fails to load we recommend users to switch to…

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