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Parina Hassani

She researches on the Future Era of Technology. She brings to us this new future face of technology and how it would change our world. Beyond this she has an inclination for fiction novels, exploring different cuisines, anchoring and, confectionery and dessert cooking.

Journey of 3D Printing: Technology of the Future – Infographic

3D Printing technology is commonly thought of as the latest “futuristic” concept, but to our surprise this technology dates back to19thCentury. Even before Charles Hull invented the first 3D Printing process “Stereolithography”, att...


Evolving Architecture: Live in the Sun, Sip coffee on Asteroids!

Start My Vehicle. Experience Marathon Journeys. See Undiscovered New Places. Do you remember this rhyme sentence we used, to learn the names of the planets in our Solar System? With changing pattern of education, we feel that the coming ge...


Goodbye Note Currency, Hello Digital-Currency – Cryptocurrency

Currency is a symbol of wealth or possession or an object of a defined written value in exchange of which you can get any kind of goods and services. The invention of currency could be dated back to the start of human civilization. Since th...