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Bablu Singh

Bablu is an engineer by qualification. He likes presenting complex troubleshooting problems in layman's language.

Why Hibernate/Sleep Mode is Better than Shutdown

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need to shutdown your Windows PC whenever you leave your system unattended for long hours. If you have been habitual of shutting your system down each time you have to go somewhere, then you ca...


How to Prevent Websites from Showing Notifications

Web browsers provide a feature which allows websites to show notifications about recent information or updates. To show these notifications, websites ask for confirmation to allow or disallow them. You may have seen the prompt ‘Show Notif...


How to Share Files Securely With Firefox Send

Today, sharing files over web is quite common as it is a quick and simple process. There are many service providers who provide cloud backup and file transfer services for a subscription fee. But data security is still a major concern among...