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Bablu Singh

Bablu is an engineer by qualification. He likes presenting complex troubleshooting problems in layman's language.

Print Spooler Giving Trouble? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

We generally open Task Manager to check and manage different running programs and processes. While checking for different process, you might have noticed that a process name spoolsv.exe or Spooler SubSystem App or Print Spooler is always ru...


Winlogon.exe Process: All You Need to Know

winlogon.exe is an essential process of Windows operating system. It is responsible for handling different important tasks running in background for the security of Windows operating system. winlogon.exe is responsible for keeping a watc...


Missing Seconds From System Clock Here Is How You Can Get Them

Windows operating system is globally used due to its simple and user-friendly features. If talking about the taskbar clock on your Windows Desktop, then you might’ve noticed that you cannot see seconds in the clock to know precise time. W...


How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Operating Systems, Windows 8 and 10 have a feature which allows only those drivers to get installed which are digitally signed by Microsoft. This feature is known as ‘Driver Signature Enforcement’. It imposes restrictions on unsigned dr...


Block Internet Access for a Program in Windows 10

Most of the software programs on our system need to update from time to time. This needs Internet Connection. However, it may so happen that we are happy with the current version and would ideally not want to update it. Windows 10 offers a ...


WebP Images- New Image Format by Google

WebP format is an innovative image format offered by Google, which provides both lossless and lossy compressed images on the websites. Using WebP format, web developers can create low sized yet good quality images, which in turn helps websi...


How To Unlock Windows PC When Keyboard Stops Working

It is a frustrating moment when your keyboard stops working or your computer fails to detect the keyboard input. But, this could become a major issue if it happens during system boot. Thankfully, Microsoft Windows has provided a way to log...


How to Fix ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most preferred web browser for Internet users. Although it is quite secure and fast, it is mired by its fair share of problems. One of the most common issue that many users report is ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR. When they tr...


How To Share Images On WhatsApp Without Compromising Quality

Millions of people across the world use WhatsApp to communicate. Its ability to share images, audios, videos, GIFs, voice messages, etc. make it one of the most used app. Users can not only stay connected via chat in real time, but also mak...