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Bablu Singh

Bablu is an engineer by qualification. He likes presenting complex troubleshooting problems in layman's language.

Zanco Tiny T1: World’s Smallest Cellphone

Nowadays most manufacturers are trying to present cell phones with big screen size and this is creating a big competition between them. In this competition, smaller sized cell phones or are really neglected by both manufacturers and buyers....


Different Junk or Temp Files You Can Consider Deleting

You should clean Junk files time to time to maintain optimum system performance. Basically, junk/temporary files are created by programs or processes to store values or information temporarily while a task is being completed. This is a cont...


Different Directories of Windows Applications

All the applications/softwares installed in Windows computers store their data at different locations to perform various tasks. It completely depends on the software programmers to save the software data at different locations, as per their...


Google Projects Not Much Heard Of

Google needs no introduction for its well-known services like searching, translating and many more services. However, there are many different projects run by Google, which many of us are not aware of. Let’s look at some different project...


This Christmas Make Your Home Smarter With These Smart Devices

Christmas is certainly one of the most awaited festivals across the globe. Family reunions, celebrations along with surprise gifts make it one of the most joyous festival celebrated worldwide. This Christmas do something different, bring i...


What Is OLED Screen And Its Types

Digital display technology has improved and evolved drastically. Display manufacturers are trying to manufacture screens that are not only economical and durable but also provide best viewing experience. If we look around, we will find that...


System Reserved – The Hidden Storage Partition In Windows

While using Windows computers, you go through different drive partitions on which your files are saved. Generally, C drive is assigned to the operating system on which all the system programs and files are saved. Remaining other partitions ...


How To Schedule SMS In MIUI Based Android Devices

SMS (Short Message Service) is very common to all the cellphone users. Since it does not require data services to send and receive text messages, hence it is still the most preferred messaging service. Apart from its instant delivery, an SM...