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Bablu Singh

Bablu is an engineer by qualification. He likes presenting complex troubleshooting problems in layman's language.

How to Share Internet Using Bluetooth Tethering in Android Devices

Have you ever faced problem in sharing your internet due to corrupted Wi-Fi Hotspot? If yes, then this is the right place to learn an alternative way to overcome from such instances. Now days it’s common to have some bugs in Android devic...


Smart Windows 10 Features You Should Try Now!

Windows 10 already comes with different inbuilt features which are helpful for general use. However, due to lack of information, users are unable to take advantage of those features. As compared to the previous version like Windows Vista, 7...


Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing Laptop

Are you planning to purchase a new laptop this year? If yes, then here you can find important tips which can help you out to choose a laptop which suits you best. Here, we will explain important points which you can consider while placing t...


How To Set An Operating System As Default In Dual Boot PC

Dual boot computers are widely used for personal use or commercial use. Nowadays most of the users like to use a combination of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on their dual boot PC to manage their works as per system environment. However, out o...


5 Best App Building Platforms For Entrepreneurs

Mobile platforms like Android or iOS are giving a tough competition to the computer platforms. Users now prefer mobile platforms, as almost every facility is available on their smartphone. Whether it is shopping, navigation or cab facilitie...


5 Best Uses Of Old Android Smartphones

We love smartphones as they are both a luxury and necessity in the 21st century. The role of smartphone in our daily life is like a personal assistant, as it can help us manage different tasks in a disciplined way and hence now we can’t i...


5 Best Free Microsoft Paint Alternatives 2023

Microsoft Paint was once most preferred app for picture editing because of its user-friendly features. Some features like image resizing, cropping, text insertion makes it more valuable. The first version of MS Paint was introduced in 1985 ...


5 Cool Features Of Alexa-Powered Smart Speakers

Alexa enabled speakers like Amazon Echo or others, were the favorite purchase the festive season that went by! These AI enabled speakers have easily made their way in peoples heart because of the many features that they have to offer. Let...


An Insight Into Double Data Rate: DDR3 Vs DDR4 RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM has always been an important factor while purchasing a computer. Being directly related to the computer’s performance everyone wants that their computer should have the latest technology RAM. However, people wh...