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Ankit Agarwal

Ankit is an avid blogger and has several years of experience in the field of technical writing. He is passionate about exploring new gadgets and software that eases everyone’s daily life. Through his articles, he intends to help people stay updated on the latest tech trends and resolve their queries related to Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices. When not writing, you can find Ankit taking a nature walk!

All You Need To Know About Facebook Viewpoints App

Guys!! The largest social media advertising platform, Facebook Inc. has rolled out the launch of its brand-new market research app, “Facebook Viewpoints”. A platform for market research where the participating users will be rewarded for...


Look Through These 7 Best Ways To Send Large Files To Other People

Have you also come across a situation where you need to send large files to someone, and you‘ve got stuck? Don’t know the best way to send big files without any hassle? Well, the most common and easy way is via Email. But what if we tel...


Tired Of Keeping Warranties Tracks? Here Are Your Top 5 Solutions

Whenever you buy a new gadget, it comes with a warranty period. Usually, the warranty period is validated via the purchase bill or warranty card. What if your product is damaged within the warranty period, however, you have lost the warrant...


All You Need To Know About Whale – A Meme-Making App By Facebook

In this technological era, everyone is connected to each other through virtual media. Every single day, we get to know about another update or a new app which the provider company claims, is going to make our life easier, or more entertaini...


How Can You Edit and Unskew Your Favorite Photos on iPhone

Getting a perfect picture in one go - is merely luck by chance. On top of that, we want every aspect in the picture just as effective and flawless as we thought it should have been. After clicking so many pictures, we find one which looks w...


All You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Decision To Shelf Cortana

In this technological world, it is quite convenient if something can be done virtually and that too, with precision. But what if one of the most common technology tools we are using, cease to exist? What if we had to either switch to altern...


It’s Time To Revisit Your Most Played Tracks Of The Year

Nothing can be as soothing as listening to the tracks you like, over and over again. But the daily-new-released-songs make it harder to keep track of the last played songs as we keep listening to the new ones and forget the last ones we enj...