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Akanksha Soni is a tech-enthusiast and likes to explore new applications for Android & iPhone. She also loves making videos on the web and recently started exploring the gaming world intensely. An active tech writer, We The Geek is a platform where she provides relevant and tested methods to solve the users’ problems. Her passions include reading and traveling,

Author: Akanksha Soni

Ransomware - 2021-10-22

BlackShades Ransomware – Encrypts your Files and tease Security Researchers

Ransomware has been a mystery for researchers. More they dig into the malware program, harder they are trolled. Now, yet another Ransomware called BlackShades, is anguishing the researchers with nasty taunts. BlackShades Ransomware is another malware which secretly takes control over users’ computers. The malware program is transmitted to the victim’s system through malicious webpages….

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