Augmented Reality: Augmenting your Real World

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We live in a world where distinguishing between fact and fiction is increasingly becoming difficult. In fact, the lines are blurring so much that “reality” is a saleable product now. Don’t believe us? Look around you – heard of a little concept called Reality TV? An entertainment sham that people buy into irrespective of whether there is any semblance of reality in what is being watched. But of course we digress. When focusing on reality in technology, there are a few occasions where your reality is blurred. Every time you play a game for instance. You get so immersed in the game that your surroundings dissolve, you almost enter that virtual world and when someone calls out for you from the “real” world you return to it with a jolt. Almost resultantly, if we might add. There are technologies out there that blur your reality at varying levels. Some embellish what you experience while some completely immerse you into an alternate reality. Augmented reality is just one of those realities at sale. Let’s have a look at this reality in a bit detail.

Augmenting your Real World Augmented Reality

Despite augmented reality’s hype, it is limited in its technology and has far to go to become an everyday tool. The challenges augmented reality faces include social acceptance, addressing privacy and becoming profitable for businesses to use it. These challenges are small hurtles. Augmented Reality will further blur the line between what’s real and what’s computer generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel. It has possibilities beyond our imagination and perception. I am certain that augmented reality will be part of our digital lives.

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