Ask Local Questions and Get Answers with Google’s new Neighbourly App


Moving to a new city or neighborhood is always tough initially. We have to explore nearby grocery stores or parks or subways and all of that important stuff. So, what’s the first thing we try do once we move to a new area? Ask the neighbors of course as they have the most relevant information of that area! But most of us don’t carry that extrovert vibe and are less willing to talk to their person-next-door. Who knows whether they might just shut their door on your face with a rude answer! (Yeah, who knows!)

Well, if you’re constantly being skeptical about interacting with new faces every day or if you’re having a tough time in your new neighborhood, Google just has the perfect solution for you. Recently, Google released a new app, Neighbourly that’ll have answers to your local questions. You can ask about a safe park where your kids can play, a nice food joint where you can get best burgers or most affordable place to take up guitar lessons or anything you like!

Say Hello to Google Neighbourly

Say Hello to Google Neighbourly

With Google Neighbourly you can have the most incredible insights about your neighborhood within no time. You can get rest and find answers for all local questions that pop on your mind all day. So, this app can be your personal local expert and can guide you with all our doubts.

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1. Share Everyday Advice

Not only can you seek help from others, the app allows you to be an information source as well. If you’ve explored something amazing in your nearby radius, you can instantly post the information on app so that others can benefit from it too. Plus, every time you help a person and assist them regarding something you can be the hero of your neighborhood who they’ll always approach for answers.

2. Keep up With Local Community

Keep up With Local Community

Suppose you’re interested in a particular activity then you can also swipe back and forth for more relevant questions and answers. To follow a specific question, say if you’re looking for best math tuition in your area, then you can mark that question as one of your favorite and get relevant updates back as your neighbors share answers and support their community.

3. Share your Answers on Social Media

If you just bumped on to some useful piece of information, then you can also share your answers on social media. In this way a large number of audience can attain information even if they don’t have the neighborly app downloaded on their phone. You can make your community stronger in this way and connect with a large number of audience in one go.

4. Keep your Privacy Contact

One of the best thing about using Google Neighbourly app is that it keeps all your personal info intact. When you’re interacting with your community, then only your tiny profile pic and first name is shared to public. Even if any of your neighbor directly messages you they won’t have your contact number shared and you can interact with them directly via app.

Wrap Up

Keep up With Local Community in google neighbourly

All in all, Google Neighbourly allows you to have the best local answers and keep up with your neighborhood safely with expert recommendations. As of now the app is running in its Beta version and is only live in Mumbai, India. But Google has announced that the app will soon be rolling out to other cities and countries pretty soon with more advanced features.

So, stay tuned and watch this space for more such updates!

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