Ascend The Iron Throne With Game Of Thrones MMORPG

A good news for impatient Game of Throne followers. Turbine in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO brings Game of Thrones Conquest to your iOS and Android devices. This makes sense since the two-year gap is too much for the fans. The MMORPG “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” will make the wait interesting. So, enjoy the game until season 8 is out.

Game of thrones

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The admirers will play one of the Westeros’ houses and will fight to rule over the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns. Not only this player will have to build an army, collect nobles and participate in a struggle full of violence and deceases to stand against other houses.

Game of Thrones Conquest will not disappoint its fans. It has all the elements, players can make alliances with opponents while interacting with famous characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.

Game of thrones characters

Is Game Of Thrones Conquest Real?

After the fake rumors spread about Bethesda Softworks working on a game version of the show, it’s hard to believe if this is real. But do not worry as this time the game is being developed for real and is coming this October to your iOS and Android devices.

Game Of Thrones Conquest

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Your dream come true with the game now you can be one of the characters of your favorite series. Not only this you will be able to control your own family house in Westeros and can take the Iron Throne. Don’t even think for a second that you will miss out on anything as it is fully loaded with all drama from allegations to fights, deception, battles, deaths and much more.  No flyers are required to make it popular or earn votes. Since we are talking about Game Of Thrones not some Tom Dick and Harry.

Game of thrones game


As fans are eagerly waiting for the finale, the game will attract all those fans. Hopefully this will be enough for fans as something is better than nothing.

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game of thrones global allegiances


This is indeed a treat for all the fans, they can now find their own house, allocate resources, fight battle and lot much. Then what are you waiting for come join the party and pre-register for the game. You can pre-register the game from the App Store and Google Play and get yourself rewarded with extra stuff like Night’s Watch training gear, gold, resources, and 24 hours’ worth of “speedups.”

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