Artificial Intelligence Meets Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance sector is ready to take a new leap by integrating Artificial Intelligence based technology in its services. From delivering travel-specific benefits to developing customer service chatbots, travel insurance and insurers are getting ready to get a revamp soon. Comprehending the importance of Artificial intelligence and its growing demand, travel insurance sector has started to harness the power of this technology.

When talking of insurance industry, it is safe to say that it is wide enough to cover major industries of the economy. So far, the maximum influence of insurance has been witnessed in travel sector as compared to other forms of insurances. This is so, because the policies formulated and followed in travel sector merge well with the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Ai in travel

Travelling is all about adventures, exploring culture, people and places, and of course involves a little amount of risk as well. Needless to say, travelling has become much more common today. People saving up to travel the world are demanding more travel insurances as well as excellent customer services. Travel insurance often demands easy and comprehensible communication services in comparison to other forms of insurance as this area experiences travel-disrupting events, such as hurricanes, cyclones etc.

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How Can AI in Travel Insurance Benefit Customers?

AI can provide assistance in terms of speedy interactions with customers by empowering a processor to respond to simple requests or help customers with tasks like filing claims by providing policy-related information. Also, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data could be a great help to configure insurance proposals for customers and especially travel related.

Data related to travel insurance is accumulating at much larger level. Meanwhile, it is also offering an opportunity to configure benefits to travelers in most appropriate way. The need of the hour is to get the most appropriate and effective policy for customers and Artificial Intelligence can be used here for the delivery of maximum benefits to both insurers and travelers.

Several companies are using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to construct policies traded through partners i.e. from travel agents to OTAs to suppliers. As the data is getting accumulated at faster pace due to increasing number of quotes, it’s essential to find a midway to efficiently manage data while investing most of the resources.

Meanwhile, some of the established businesses have already begun to implement Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of consumers. As a consequence, insurers have started refiling insurance policies, which are less packaged than in the past. This means that consumers can now opt for security evacuation or trip cancellation with ease, something which was not available earlier.

Artificial Intelligence can also develop packages that are very specific and tailored to the needs of consumers unlike bundled packages, which are currently in use. As far as prices are concerned, according to experts, the pricing will improve as Machine Learning will become more dynamic and advanced.

Also, introduction of chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence will revamp the existing process of interaction under customer services especially for travel insurance. Chatbots are currently under testing phase. As the technology behind Artificial Intelligence is still at nascent stage, several companies are presently dealing with the simpler version of it like questioning and answering straightforwardly.

travel insurance via AI

Currently, the travel insurance sector is facing countless circumstances to deal with and a technology that can intervene and quickly deal with customers efficiently is the need of the hour. The challenge is to discover the perfect balance between chatbot and human interaction with customers. It is difficult but eventually we are learning.

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