Are We Relying On Outdated Technology For Mitigating Modern Issues?

Before we begin, take a look around you. What is the average age of technology you see? Your cell phone is possibly an year old and your computer system is at least three years old. Now, think about the technology that you are using to protect these from any data breach! If we are not wrong, you’ll proclaim that you are using a licensed antivirus to make them safe! Well, you’d be surprised to know that you are relying on a technology that is not sufficient in securing your data and a few of them have not even upgraded since a decade. They are just changing the UI which fools the users that entire software has been upgraded and their business is left unaffected!

Relying On Outdated Technology

For quite long, firms have relied on point-in-time protection tools that only inspected files once and acted as the first wall between malware and the systems. The security software served precisely when it was launched newly to the market. It inspected all files which entered in the network and blocked everything that exhibited malicious. This was perfect but, a decade back!

Today, the hackers are smart, and they no longer code malware using old tricks. They have upgraded themselves and as a result of this, security software cannot detect malware attack before it has already compromised the security! Why is this the case? Where do we lack?

What Makes Us Stay Behind Hackers?

What Makes Us Stay Behind Hackers

The first and the most obvious reason is that we are still holding on to the technologies that are no longer efficient in fighting against today’s advanced threats. Hackers can easily identify unsupported software, hardware and exploit known vulnerabilities that haven’t patched with the advanced technologies that they have. Moreover, the outdated technology is not only expensive to maintain, but also makes you susceptible to regulatory compliance violations.

We understand that investing in new technology and hardware may become a costly affair but if there is a mass security breach, you’ll certainly have to invest more. Additionally, you’ll lose trust of your clients and all others who have put trust on you. The second thing is we lack awareness and because of this, a small loophole causes a major mass break. By the time we realize that we have made a mistake, the hackers have already taken advantage of the same.

What Do We Need To Stay Protected?

There is no hard and fast rule that is efficient enough to make us secure against the attacks. However, some common sense and endpoint security is the need of the hour! For those who are not aware of endpoint security, it’s a centralized methodology to protect all endpoints in a network, namely servers, smartphones, desktops, and other devices that are connected to the corporate IT network.

Some of you might say that antivirus software and endpoint security are similar. But the reality is quite different. The endpoint security does not focus only on one device it secures entire network. Also, the endpoint devices bear some responsibility for their security.

What Do We Need To Stay Protected

Experts have also conveyed that the terms “Endpoint Security” are used to refer to corporate products that include a range of security features such as, Malware removal based on existing signature files and heuristic algorithms, IPS/IDS sensors and warning systems, built-in antispyware protection, Ingress/Egress firewall, and many others.

We cannot conclude that this is a sure shot solution and that it will help you stay protected always, however, it will be a better option than using outdated tricks and techniques. If you too are using any old techniques, just get rid of it as soon as possible and stay secure using the modern ways! This way we’ll not be called fools who used outdated weapons to fight a futuristic war!

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