Are Foldable Phones a Smart Idea: Yay or Nay?

A Smartphone that could fold, like literally? If we would’ve asked you this question 5 years ago, it may have sounded super hilarious, right? Well, not anymore! Foldable Smartphones have surely become a thing now in the tech world. Almost all major tech giants including Apple, Samsung, and Google are now talking about launching Foldable Smartphones. Be it Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, we’re pretty excited to get hands-on with these latest gizmos.

Foldable Smartphones
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We’ve not even got over with an all-screen design impression, bezel-less display on Smartphones, and foldable smartphones are already on their way to awe us more. But is this just a gimmick or actually a smart idea to adapt?

Yes, we will talk all about this. We have enlisted a few reasons stating whether foldable smartphones are a smart idea or not and will be speaking for and against it. These strong reasoning points will justify whether this new tech trend is feasible or not.

Why Foldable Smartphones are a Smart Idea?

The buzz about foldable Smartphones is all around us. Here are a few advantages of why the concept Foldable Smartphones will bring a revolution in this segment.

Bigger Screen

One of the most obvious and biggest reasons why we can’t keep calm about this latest tech trend, that our smartphones will now have bigger screens as compared to traditional models. With Foldable design, the size of the smartphone is almost doubled which is a huge plus.


Another important reason why foldable smartphone can become such a big success is the fact that they are less prone to breaking. Well, of course, is the entire screen is foldable, they will obviously not break when they fall, right? Foldable Smartphones are majorly using plastic is the main material, so they will be more durable in a long-term perspective, compared to existing smartphones.


Multitasking foldable design
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Like we said earlier, foldable phones offer us almost double the screen size so we can do a lot more with these devices. If you’re using it folded then you can use it a regular device, but as soon as you unfold it your smartphone can turn into a big screen tablet and you can get more productive with your device. So, whether it’s about watching movies or playing games, it will be a lot more fun on foldable smartphones.

Advanced Hardware

Advanced Hardware

As foldable smartphones are offering more screen area, a lot of advanced hardware can be crammed inside it that will make our smartphones quite powerful than before.

Why Foldable Smartphones Seem Like a Bad Idea?

We have thoroughly discussed a few reasons how foldable smartphones will change every existing trend. So, now let’s discuss the other side of the story. We are now enlisting a few points that prove that the idea of foldable smartphones seems quite bad and unfeasible.


Yes, money matters—and that too to a great extent. If you analyze the buying pattern of an average consumer then there’s a set price range that they’re willing to spend on a smartphone. Going beyond that price range becomes more a luxury and less of a necessity. Foldable Smartphones are expected to roll out with a big shit price which won’t be affordable to a majority of users. And also, as it’s the latest technology, it will come with an expensive price tag.

Bulky and Heavy

Bulky and Heavy

Believe it or not, but the design of foldable smartphones cannot be termed as “compact” in any case. In fact, they look like a bulky piece of brick. Nobody wants to carry around a heavy device in their pockets. People usually prefer compact, lightweight devices that are easy to carry anywhere. Foldable smartphones really need to work on their design in order to hit a high selling point.

Hardware Complexities

Currently, foldable smartphones are the only sort of show-and-tell devices as they have not rolled out and manufactured on a large scale. But as and when this will happen, they may face a lot of hardware complexities as this technology is still a newbie and needs a lot of testing.

Foldable smartphones may seem like a readily available technology, but it has to cross a lot of barriers to become a huge hit. Although, if tech giants work on every little detail and kill the complexities, they may become a new revolution in the smartphone industry.

Only time will tell…

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