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Ransomware - 2018-09-30

Things You Can Do To Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have become popular in the last few years. Last year, after WannaCry broke out, all the businessmen must be aware of it. As the damage done by the malicious attack did the damage beyond repair to IT system and business operations. That’s why it is necessary to be prepared to and plan your…

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How-To, Ransomware - 2018-06-11

Decrypt Ransomware Affected Files With These Tools

We are all living in a world full of threats and corruption. As we all know, no one and nothing is safe from malicious computer jockeys. They can get in anywhere and tickle with your system and leaving you with nothing but regret. Your data is now all encrypted. And you can’t even access your…

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Ransomware - 2018-04-18

Biggest Ransomware Attacks That Ever Happened

Ransomware continues to dominate the landscape of Cyberspace in from 2017 to 2018. Whether the business is small or big, these attacks have left no stones unturned to make users pay millions of dollars to unlock their own hijacked encrypted files. The explosion of virtual currency like Bitcoin, leave no clues for traceability and has…

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Ransomware - 2021-10-17

Thanatos Ransomware Makes Data Recovery Impossible

There are many applications that do not follow proper testing practices before their release and then fall prey to various ransomware. Moreover, ransomware developers are constantly coming up with new ideas to hijack your devices. Such is a new and wild ransomware that attacks your computers in a unique way. A ransomware named as Thanatos…

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Ransomware - 2020-07-28

Beware Of SpriteCoin: It’s Ransomware!

A new species of ransomware is trying to lure people around the world. It’s a fake cryptocurrency that tricks victims with the idea of making money exponentially. As a result of the insane popularity of cryptocurrencies, here arrives a fake cryptocurrency which is known as SpriteCoin. Spritecoin is announced on many online forums as the…

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Ransomware, Tech News - 2017-10-26

Latest In The Bulletin: Coinhive’s DNS Hijacked

Did you just hear about Bad Rabbit, the latest Ransomware attack? Well, it seems too old for a news now. The latest in the bulletin is Coinhive, a well-known browser-based service that has suffered a hijack. As per reports, the DNS records of Coinhive have been compromised by hijackers, giving them an easy entry to…

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Ransomware, Tips & Tricks - 2017-09-06

Defray Ransomware Targeting Education and Healthcare Organizations

“A single spear-phishing email carrying a slightly altered malware can bypass multi-million-dollar enterprise security solutions if an adversary deceives a cyber-hygienically apathetic employee into opening the attachment or clicking a malicious link and thereby compromising the entire network.” James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology Img src: ibtimes Last week, a Ransomware called…

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