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Macintosh, Tips & Tricks, Top 10 - 2020-07-31

10 Amazing Mac Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Perhaps Apple thought of upscaling computer technology with Mac! Macs are equipped with several brilliant features, be its high-end security or user interface. However, many of us aren’t yet apprised of every feature/hack/trick that our Mac contains. Apparently, there exit hundreds of things on Mac learning which help you get your hands with ease on…

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Macintosh, Tips & Tricks - 2020-05-08

How to Transfer Data from Mac to Windows

Despite Windows and Mac being well-equipped operating system in itself, they aren’t compatible to each other. Let’s say, there isn’t any easy way out to transfer files from either of these computers. Many of you might be e-mailing files to yourself from one computer and restoring them onto other via that mail. Certainly, this is…

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Macintosh, Tips & Tricks - 2020-11-30

How to Speed up Mac – Clean Up Slow Macbook

Being known for its slick interface and highly optimized performance, lags and slowdowns is the last thing you’d expect from a mac. But believe it or not, slowdowns do happen on Mac and they’re as annoying as on any other platform. The reason for slowdowns might be an old system that cannot keep up with…

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Macintosh, Tech News - 2016-08-29

5 Amazing Functions of Siri for macOS Sierra

With the mcOS Sierra on its way to the public domain, we thought of sharing some tips and tricks with you to make your Siri experience better. Apple has just rolled out Sierra Beta versions. It features Siri, a first for a Mac OS. So to begin with, we’ll tell you how you’ll use Siri…

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Macintosh, Tech News - 2016-09-08

macOS Sierra: Everything you want to know

If you are a Mac user, here’s some good news waiting for you! Apple has rolled out macOS: Sierra for testing and it will be available to the general public shortly. For now, Apple has dropped the 7th Beta version of macOS Sierra for developers. And the same is also available for public beta testers…

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