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Learning Center - 2021-04-30

Tech Promises That Are Still Undelivered

It isn’t just politicians who aren’t keen on keeping their promises. Every system has flaws and the government certainly tops the list of being extremely flawed yet existent. Nevertheless, they aren’t the only paradox that has betrayed the ones that it was created to help. Just like politics, science too has its fair share of…

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For Android, Learning Center - 2016-09-02

Ways How Google Allo Can Beat Whatsapp

While several of us crawled in the past with chat servers such as Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk, the world currently sways with Facebook and its 1 Billion strong Whatsapp Messenger. After the world saw the rise of smartphone messaging as an alternative to SMS (Short Messaging Service), Whatsapp came to power like a boss. It…

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Learning Center, Tech News - 2020-07-31

Stay Connected through WhatsApp Desktop App 24*7

WhatsApp has at last launched its desktop version. Yes, today WhatsApp has showcased a desktop app which will be available for Windows and Mac users. The desktop version will embrace all the features and shortcuts featured in WhatsApp Web. Although the difference is that it won’t demand support from the mobile version of the communication…

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