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Alternative - 2021-04-07

10 Best Book Design Software Of 2021

Book design software are those that can be used by writers and authors to create a book online. Many such applications can be used by novices and experts alike. This article focuses on both paid and free book design software to make book covers and internal designs and save your book in a digital format….

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Alternative - 2021-03-17

10 Best VisiPics Alternatives You Must Use In 2021

If you have been using Viscipics to delete duplicate images from your computer, then you must know that other tools excel in the same criteria. Although Viscipics is freeware, it does not contain the advanced features that have been inculcated in Viscipics alternatives. This results in Visipics not being very effective as compared to others…

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Alternative - 2021-03-12

8 Best OBS Studio Alternatives For Windows

OBS or Open broadcaster software is a screen recording and live video streaming software for Windows. Gamers use it to showcase their live gaming. OBS Studio comes with a lot of useful features such as customization of messages, screen recording, and streaming. Now you must be thinking if there are a lot of features to…

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Alternative, Top 10 - 2021-03-31

10 Best OneNote Alternatives for Windows 10 – 2021

Surely, Microsoft OneNote is a well-known and widely used note-taking app, yet not all can use this best app to take notes. With that said, for beginners, the OneNote app isn’t easy to use. Also, to sync data across devices having a Microsoft account is a must. Besides, this OneNote just takes an ample amount…

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