AppleCare: Everything You Need to Know About!

A majority of individuals use Apple devices but are you aware of AppleCare service? Well, AppleCare+ is basically a warranty program by Apple that covers your device for an additional period (apart from the 1-year warranty). AppleCare protection is like that one-stop service and support from Apple wherein you can resolve all your queries either on call, or by visiting service station.

apple care on ios 12

AppleCare+ primarily includes on-call query resolution by experts, hardware coverage of your device in case of theft or any other damage, and software support as well. As most of Apple products come with a one-year warranty plan but by taking up AppleCare protection plan you can extend these services for a longer duration.

So, we hope now this has made you understand what is AppleCare? If you’re still having any doubts let’s explore a few things which are covered under AppleCare+ protection plan.

Apple Care and Apple Care+

apple care and apple care plus

A majority of users are under a misconception of relating AppleCare and AppleCare+. However, these two have a slight difference. AppleCare pretty much comes free along with all Apple devices and doesn’t cost you any additional overhead whereas AppleCare+ is a paid protection plan which one can opt for if they wish to extend the coverage for their device ahead than the 1-year warranty duration.

So, if somehow your device faces any kind of mishap during this period, the manufacturer will replace it (happily) without any hassle.

If you’re willing to have additional coverage above than the warranty period for any Apple device you want, you can pay a few extra bucks and opt for AppleCare+ Protection plan to keep your devices safe and intact.

additional coverage on apple care

Does AppleCare+ Cover Accidental Damage?

Yes, it does! Once you upgrade to AppleCare+ services your device will be covered for any sort of accidental damage like screen damage or if you drop your phone in water or any other sort of damage which is caused to your Apple device.

How much Does AppleCare+ Subscription Cost?

apple care subscription cost

As we know you must be wondering on the same, here’s a quick rundown of cost which is associated with AppleCare+ Protection plan.

  • $199 for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and X.
  • $149 for iPhone XR, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus.
  • $129 for the iPhone 8 and 7.
  • $249 for the MacBook and MacBook Air.
  • $269 for the 13-Inch MacBook Pro.
  • $379 for the 15-Inch MacBook Pro.
  • $169 for the iMac.
  • $249 for the Mac Pro.
  • $99 for the Mac Mini.
  • $79 for Apple Watch Series 4.
  • $49 for Apple Watch Series 3.
  • $39 for the HomePod.
  • $29 for the Apple TV.

AppleCare+ Also covers Loss and Theft

Fortunately, yes! Recently, there’s a new addition to the AppleCare+ Protection plan that also covers your devices under loss or theft. So, if by any chance your phone gets stolen, you’ll get a new replacement by the manufacturer (yay!).

lost iphone feature on ios 12

But if you want this to be included in your subscription, you have to pay an additional $100 for the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus. And if you’re using the previous iPhone models then you have to pay an extra 80$.

If you wish to replace your stolen iPhone with a new one then a cost of 269$ will grab you a new iPhone XS, XS Max, and X which is anyway cheaper than buying a new device. But in the first place, it’s always advisable to keep an eye on your devices so that you can protect them from being lost.

So, is AppleCare+ Worth it?

We know this question must be hovering on your mind by now. So, if you’re thinking that whether investing in AppleCare+ Protection services or not that totally depends on how prone your devices are from any accidents. Like, if you tend to drop your phone and crack the screen twice in the same month then it might be a good choice. On the other hand, if you keep your devices intact, just as new, always safe in your pockets then you can take a pass on investing such a huge amount. So, it’s totally your call depending upon how nice you treat your device!

We hope now you’re through with what is AppleCare and what all services it includes? As one cannot expect the unexpected and if you’re way too concerned about your device’s safety then investing in AppleCare+ plan will surely give you a total peace of mind!

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