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Addressing one of the major complaints with their previous models, Apple recently introduced a well-rounded keyboard for MacBook. The announcement was done at the WWDC keynote on Monday. However, there’s a strong chance you missed this small but significant bit among the various ‘big’ announcements.

The updations mean those flat, unproductive keys are being replaced with the bouncy  butterfly keys, same as MacBook Pro. Though, for some it may be trivial but keyboard is a primary input unit to communicate better with the machine.

apple new story

As far as the Mac experience is concerned, you won’t feel like typing on a flat surface board anymore, with the butterfly keys. The new keys fall between the last generation and an older MacBook model. Some of you may still have to deal with a tedious typing experience. If the keyboard was one thing that was bugging you, the new model could make things decidedly better.

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Talking about looks, it’s no different than its predecessors. And I don’t mind. It’s one good looking machine anyway! The Touch Bar is still MIA, without anticipating it coming any time soon I feel this is a key difference which Apple might want to keep between its pro and standard versions.

With all the advancements, there’s still a setback – the  single USB-C port. If you’re in need of a dongle and an adapter at the same time, you have no choice but to settle for the one which is more important at a given point of time.

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Overall, getting the new MacBook isn’t going to disappoint you. You may not feel a significant difference in day to day working with the updated processor. However, the Geekbench score will surprise you with a sizable bounce. For the uninitiated, Geekbench is a processor benchmarking program.

If small advancements matter to you, you would probably want to get your hands on new model of MacBook.

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