Apple Watch App Cardiogram Will Help Users Track Body Reactions To COVID-19

Apple Watch is known for its health and fitness-related features, which are comparatively more accurate and precise in giving results against similar features in other smart wearables. COVID-19 pandemic has led users to be more careful about their health and body reactions, and Apple Watch has partnered with Cardiogram to help users do that. Cardiogram is a fitness application from the App Store. The app has been updated to include a new feature called “Sleeping BPM” to help users identify how their bodies are reacting to the infection.

What is “Sleeping BPM” Feature?

Sleeping BPM
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Founder of Cardiogram, Johnson Hsieh explained how Sleeping BPM feature could be useful in helping people to understand the functioning of their bodies amid COVID-19 outbreak.

In his explanation, he stated that the app reads people’s heart rate to determine possible body reactions to infections like Coronavirus.

When a person is sick, the body’s immune system releases histamines to cause inflammation, resulting in increased body temperature and expansion of blood cells. The process signals are brain to increase the heart rate and eventually increase the blood sent to the inflamed regions. The elevated heart rate can be noticed and monitored during sleep.

If a person wears an Apple Watch during sleep, then he/she can monitor the heart rate during sleep and monitor if there has been a reaction from the body’s immune system to any unknown sickening. The elevated heart rate will be noticeable if you have any symptom of COVID-19, which include fever, coughing, and throat pain.

The Feature Doesn’t Exclusively Diagnose COVID-19

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Sleeping BPM feature can be used to monitor body reactions in any case of body infection. It cannot be used to diagnose COVID-19 as various other causes and symptoms can elevate heart rates. It’s just an initiative to help people understand their bodies and its counter-reactions to any infections and monitor if they’ve symptoms which are not severe enough to be noticeable.

Cardiogram is available on App Store for $25 and can be used on both iPhone and Apple Watch. For the Sleeping BPM feature to work, one must wear the watch during sleep as well. For COVID-19, it’s suggested to stay home and maintain a personal hygiene routine. Cardiogram IS NOT a replacement for medical diagnosis of the infection in one’s body.

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