Apple TV+: Apple’s Big Bang Into Streaming Business

Online video streaming platforms have revolutionized how we watch movies and television. With ad-free content, these platforms have offered viewers a relaxing time with some of the best original creations, as well as established cinematic works of international filmmakers and producers. All this started with Netflix, which went into online streaming business with licensed content available from a number of production houses. As Netflix grew, it turned to original content and became an entertainment production house. After a long run of being the lone player in the business, it is joined by Amazon, Hulu, and many more in the competition in past ten years or so. And now, the mega-giant of consumer electronics business, Apple has announced that it’ll be entering the war for being the best entertainment provider as well. So what happens after the biggest corporate organizations compete to take over the entertainment streaming business and what viewers can expect from Apple’s new venture. Let’s find out more.

Apple TV+: What Is It?

Apple TV plus What is it
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Yesterday, on March 25, Apple organized a keynote event to communicate with its worldwide users and tell them how Apple plans to spice up their 2019 with some of its latest innovations in the tech business. One of the announcements in the event was of the coming launch of Apple’s video streaming services Apple TV+. Just like Netflix, Apple now plans to venture into video streaming business as a part of its expansion process. However, Apple TV+ tends to differ in a few ways, at least initially. Apple played this one quite strategically. Instead of promoting it as a streaming platform, it launched it as a storytelling medium for creative writers. Apple claimed that the service would comprise of completely original content from a bunch of most talented storytellers of Hollywood, all of which would be produced and distributed under the banner of Apple Originals. Now, Netflix and Amazon have already done that. We have both Netflix and Amazon Originals streaming on their respective streaming platforms and are available for a large number of audiences worldwide. However, both Netflix and Amazon, as well as Hulu have licensed content from other production houses as well. Whether Apple would focus on original content or would step into the shoes of Netflix and Amazon, is yet to be revealed.

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What Apple TV+ Has To Offer?

Given Apple’s brand name and its position, as well as its following in the market, it has not refrained from heavy investments, and have brought a big team of most famous names in Hollywood to help it penetrate the streaming services business. Apple took to viewers emotions and their connectivity with engaging stories, in order to place its services among the targeted audience, long before its launch. To make sure that the binge-watchers and fans are heavily impacted by the idea, Apple had several Hollywood legends on stage to announce their individual works that are to be premiered on Apple TV+.

What Apple TV plus has to offer
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Some of them include Steven Speilberg, who would reboot his 80s TV series Amazing Stories, then there were Reese Witherspoon and Friends fame Jennifer Anniston, announcing their drama The Morning Show. Apart from them, M. Night Shyamalan announced his psychological thriller Servant along with JJ Abrams, Oprah Winfrey, and Octavia Spencer making separate appearances on stage. Moreover, actor Jason Momoa also announced his upcoming TV show. Apple TV+ has released a long list of collaborating actors and filmmakers for multiple Apple Originals shows, and by gathering some of Hollywood’s finest in a single day, Apple has surely left people excited for Apple TV+ release.

What Does It Mean For Netflix And Amazon?

What does it mean for Netflix and Amazon
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Netflix has been the top player in the streaming service business since the business ever came into existence. Due to a large amount of licensed content, and now with extremely successful Netflix Originals Library, it has almost nothing to fear as of yet. Apart from financial success, entertainment business requires critical appreciation and Netflix does not lie short of any of them. Ranging from Academy Awards to Emmys, Netflix Original shows and films have received numerous accolades. Moreover, Netflix has always made sure to target regional audiences and it still promoted local content in local languages in its international ventures. That is the reason, you’ll find a lot of foreign material on it. Plus, a lot of producers are willing to go Netflix rather than distributing their films in theatres. So, Netflix has its hands full.

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Same has been the case with Amazon Studios lately. In the past two years, Amazon has gained high popularity among viewers especially due to its pieces, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Man in the High Castle. But still, Amazon’s rest of the original content has lacked that attraction, thus leaving it with no choice but to penetrate international market spaces. For that matter, Amazon has faced great success, both in terms of viewership and revenue. However, Amazon still struggling in the overall competition due to the lack of licensed high-rated licensed content. The shows like This Is Us and  Suits have tried to attract viewers. But Amazon needs to increase the content on its platform soon enough before Apple strikes its position this fall.

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The “Originals” Battle

The Originals Battle
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Once Apple TV+ is launched, it would be directly among the top three players in video streaming business. Hulu, on the other hand is now suffering due to change in ownership and due to its failure to bring new engaging content. Now, Apple has announced a number of original shows to kick-start its TV+ venture, Netflix and Amazon also have their own plans for 2019. While Apple is backed by new content produced by legendary Hollywood players, Netflix is renewing its most anticipated shows along with new movies this year. Some of them include Unicorn Store (by Brie Larson), Irishman (by Martin Scorsese), and The Highwaymen (by John L. Hancock). Amazon has also brought acclaimed makers Barry Jenkins, Steven Zaillian, and Seth Rogen on board. So, this one’s going to be the biggest content battle in the entertainment industry this year, which would see three tech giants fighting over the crown for top video streaming platform.

Will This Market Penetration Be An Easy Road For Apple?

Will this Market Penetration be an easy road for Apple
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Definitely NOT! Apple may have big plans for its TV+ stream services, however, Apple must prepare from an equally challenging battle from Disney. Disney is also launching its own streaming services this year called Disney+. And it’s bringing the most anticipated shows in collaboration with its subsidiaries Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm. With the recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Disney has no short of content and it already has a major fan following. Apart from Disney, AT&T is also launching its own services in the same field with content picked up from its subsidiaries, Warner Bros. Studios and HBO. Thus, the 2019 fall may not be that mesmerizing for Apple and it better prepare for massive resistance in the market.

When Apple TV+ Launches?

It was announced in the event that the viewers would be able to have the first glimpse of Apple TV+, with all of its original content, and that it would be available in more than 100 countries.

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What It Would Cost?

What it would cost
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Coming to the big reveal, this would decide what Apple plans to do in this market as viewers are highly concerned about what they are paying for. But, unfortunately, we have nothing to reveal yet. Apple hasn’t officially revealed what it would charge for its self-claimed premium entertainment streaming services. However, we all know Apple tends to charge a hefty sum for all its products due to their high-end built and quality. So, it would be interesting to know how it satisfies the users with a content service, which is basically immeasurable in units.

Apple TV+ may be a big leap in streaming business, but how it would stand against pre-established ventures like Netflix and other players making their own way into the market? Wait for the fall to know for yourself.

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