Apple Tops iPhone’s 10th Birthday Cake with iPhone X

12th September 2017 will be remembered as the day when Apple introduced us to the future of Smartphones on iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Things have certainly come a long way since 2007, when Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone.

Back then, it was hard to imagine a device that can make calls, play music and videos, connect with the internet and click photos. Coupled with a full touch screen, sensors that auto rotate the screen and turn the screen off when you hold the device close to your ear. These features eventually became mainstays for  every smartphone even after 10 Years.

Continuing the legacy, Apple has launched its 10th anniversary game changer called aptly as iPhone X. Same as the first iPhone that became a new standard for smartphones of its time, iPhone X too has brought some incredible features to exceed your expectations.

Let us go through some key features and highlights of iPhone X the anniversary edition.

1. Design:

iphone x design

From this first-generation iPhone, you know the appearance of iPhones for the round home button which is not there in its anniversary edition. Another major change in the design which completes its anniversary look is edge to edge display which means it is having the screen all over the front pane. 5.8-inch true tone display with a pixel density of 458 ppi make you feel like the world is on your palm. Back pane of this phone is with glass finish and you will find a dual rear camera on it.

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2. Use it with your face:

Touch ID is now Face ID:

face unlock

If iPhone X is not having the home button, then how will you manage your touch ID? The answer is touch ID is now replaced with face ID. iPhone X recognize you face which is a great example of machine learning. Face recognition technology can be found on other smartphones but on iPhone X it is that accurate that it can recognize your face in dark and it is even capable to adapt physical changes in your appearance over the time.

So, if you are wearing a hat or grown mustache or bearded then too your phone will be unlocked with your face. Face recognition is that secure on your iPhone that it can be used to authenticate your payments via Apple pay.

Express more with Animoji:

animoji gif

Give your favorite emoji your own expressions and emotions. True depth front camera on the iPhone X recognize 50 different muscular movements and give the mirror effect to the chosen emoji. For this purpose, you can choose from a list of 12 Animoji. Panda is my favorite. Which one is yours?

3. About The Hardware:


A11 Apple Chip

Apple has equipped the iPhone X with the best hardware. It claimed that its A11 Bionic chip is the smartest and powerful chip in a smartphone ever which is capable to manage 600 billion operations per second. A11 Bionic is also integrated with a three-core design GPU designed by Apple itself. it aims to deliver up to 30 percent faster graphics performance in comparison of the previous generation.


 iphone x camera feature

The device is loaded with dual 12 Megapixel Wide angle telephoto rear cameras. It can capture images in HEIF and JPEG formats. With Optical; Digital zoom up to 10X it is having Portrait Lighting (beta) this time which means it beautifully darken the background and leave you with a stunning Portrait.

selfie with iphone camera

If you missed Portrait mode on front camera, then iPhone X will not disappoint you with the 7 MP true depth front cameras now you can click selfies with the depth effect. Retina flash and Wide color capture for photos are some of the features which will allow you to capture sharp and beautiful selfies.

4. Operating System:

iphone x OS

iPhone X is fueled with iOS 11 which is not only a user-friendly operating system but it is also considered as much more secure than the previous version. Public beta of iOS 11 is already available for compatible apple devices. Combining iPhone X and iOS 11 makes a great combination of a powerful hardware and software. Most certainly this combination will allow you to do more and quickly with your smartphone.

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5. Storage Capacity and Other Highlights:

You will find two color variants for iPhone X Space Gray and Silver. If we talk about the storage capacity, then you can choose from 64GB and 256GB internal storage capacity.

It was rumored that the next iPhone will have Type C connector but iPhone X is having the same lightning connector. It is also ready for wireless charging. Apple is also going to launch a charging dock tentatively in 2018 on which you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and Air pods wirelessly at the same time. They call it AirPower mat.

With these incredible features, we hope Apple has delighted its fans with future of tech on its 10th anniversary. It’s $999 price however, would actually test its customer’s loyalty towards the brand.

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