Apple To Focus More On Reliability & Performance In iOS 12 Over New Features

Apple is known for coming up with new and exciting features every year with the release of its major OS update.

Apple’s current iOS 11 witnessed many new and innovative features. Doesn’t that make us think that iOS 12 too will have a bunch of new exciting features?

Sadly! iOS 11 suffered a setback due to the many negative experiences users faced. From slowing issues to security, bugs and instabilities iOS came up with more negatives than positives. Such unreliable and poorly performing issues attributed majorly to the reputation of the company. iOS 11 saw more of complaints than appraisals.

Seeing such negative reviews by customers Apple this time has decided that rather than coming up with fancy new features is will focus majorly on improving the stability and performances of the pre-existent features.

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As reported by Axios, Apple has made major changes in its development plans for 2018. Craig Federighi, software head Apple has now given instructions to employees regarding the changes in development plans that focuses more on improvements than releasing new features.

Some of the features that were supposed to be added in year 2018 have been now delayed by a year. These features included a revamped home screen, in-car UI and some added enhancements to the core apps and picture taking experiences.

As per reports, Apple is giving emphasis on improving the responsiveness of the devices so that they are less susceptible to errors and issues. In addition to this, there are some features that will be introduced later in this year. They are: parental controls, digital health and some improvements to augmented reality.

As per another report, it is also evident that it trying to improvise its FaceTime app.

Apple is known for coming up with new features with every OS release. However, it would be interesting to see customers reaction this time who majorly look for new additions. All we can do now is wait for the WWDC event to be held in June for more information.

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