Apple Pay Not Working? Here’s What To Do!

Entering a store, selecting a perfect dress for the party and making the purchase using Apple Pay sounds such an easy idea. Neither a need to carry cash, nor to hog into wallet pockets. Everything seems great until you realize that Apple Pay is not working and the dress you were planning to buy has to get back on the same shelf.

Apple Pay combines security and simplicity at one point and is becoming a major choice within many users these days. Its usage is as simple as typing a message back to a friend. Moreover, you can also operate it possibly with iMessage.

If your Apple Pay is not working, then don’t feel low as we are telling you some troubleshooting tips to decode the scenario. Let your iPhone pay work smooth once again! Follow the trail of points mentioned below and learn those things that you need to do when Apple Pay is down on the iPhone.

1. Is Apple Pay Down?

It is not always that your phone is the culprit. Sometimes Apple Pay is down from its backend and there is a problem in the internal system only. You can always check Apple’s system status and find out the real thing.

Apple Pay Down

But the good thing is that this system revives back very soon. So if such a case is prevailing, opt for another method meantime.

2. If Apple Pay is Not Supported By The Store Terminal?

You shall ask the storekeeper if Apple Pay is being supported at the store or not as many businesses still haven’t facilitated. If they do and one terminal is not supportive, you can ask them for another card reader.

It might be possible that a few terminals are not working so it’s best to try your card out on various store terminals and be sure that it is your iPhone that is not supporting the present situation.

3. Apple Pay Not Working On Your iPhone?

For this, a common fix is selecting your card manually.

Open your Wallet App > Select the card > Hold your iPhone near NFC reader > use TouchID when asked.

Apple Pay Not Working On iPhone

By this, your transaction should complete if the blockage has been noticed at this location.

4. Consider Re-adding the Card or Replace It With Another One

Sometimes when you get a new card, a manual update is required as it does not sync or do not automatically register with Apple Pay. No worries, this could be done quickly with a set of simple steps mentioned here.

Open Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay.

Select Remove Card to delete already logged details. Now reach Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card.

wallet & apple pay

You shall remain aware of the fact that the bank may call for verification when you are trying to remove or add card details.

5. Fix The Bugs By Installing Updates

There might be some updates remaining due and its fixing is required. For such a case, reach to Settings > General > Software. This step shall thrash off any issue concluding to Apple Pay not working on iPhone and it may get fixed easily.

Bugs By Installing Updates

6. Re-starting The Device

You can count it as another but powerful option if any of the above steps don’t respond positively. Because yes, restarting the phone does kill unresponsive programs and all the bits & pieces do get reset inside the iPhone. Try it out if any of the above steps have failed to restart iPhone pay.


We believe that one or the other trouble or their shoot tips would work for you when you are not able to pay using an iPhone. It is also advised that you keep on updating your phone with time so as to solve any issue, be it Apple Pay not working or any other.

There might also be some instances when any specific app like Uber, Starbucks, etc. are not accepting it, consider deleting & forming your account on these apps or add new payment methods onto them.

Let us know if you have faced such a situation and the methods that worked well for you. We are also open to further suggestions and valuable feedback in the comment section. Also, do not forget to check our Facebook & YouTube page.

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